" 9 things that still misses in Android but available in Apple. "

We all know that Apple is really the king of innovation and always bringing something new in the Smartphone industry and especially in the mobile segment like better fingerprint sensor to Notch which was not seen before, and now every mobile manufacturer involves the idea of the notch in their phones. We will see how 9 feature lacks in Android.

" How Apple is leading in 9 features while in Android it lacks. *

1. Wide-Angle Portraits concept.

Apple has introduced a new idea that you can take photo from Wide-Angle lens and you can take portraits shots from it.

In Android we have Wide-Angle lens from large time and but the feature of taking potraits from Wide-Angle is not there.

2. Selfies now at 4K@60 fps.

The great feature that i loved is that you can take Selfies at 4K and videos from Selfie camera at 4K@60 fps.

In Android we have cameras that generally don't support 4K@60 fps and even some Flagship Smartphones can take only at 1080@30 fps.

3. Slow motion videos or ( Slofies )

Another fantastic feature is that you can take slow motion videos from Selfies camera and even it is available at 4K@60 fps which means high quality video and times is there that there will be Slofies soon introduced in Social media.

In Android is that slow motion videos are from long time but no one uses it so that after effort from Apple is that soon from Android also slow motion videos will be out soon.

4. Triple cameras with exact same sensor.

iPhone 11 series have bringed a great change that all Triple cameras are of same exact sensor which means same picture quality from each cameras.

In Android that we don't have that is Primary camera is of good quality but other two lens are not of good quality. Which means that high quality picture from Primary camera lens and the picture quality from other two ones are not good.

5. All cameras can record videos.

Another astonishing feature is that all Triple cameras can record videos which you can switch to any one of lens during recording and the sensor are exact which means same video quality.

It's working is that 2 sensors are always recording video so that if you want to switch then it will be easy to switch.

In Android major thing is that there is also switching mode but the Quality of videos is not good in comparison to Apple.

Currently Apple has the good level of photos and can capture some great videos and there is no competition between Apple and other Flagship in this level.

6. Latest A13 Bionic chip.

We all know that Apple A13 Bionic chip is the most latest and it is much faster in comparison to Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus and Kirin 980 and also on advanced level than others.

7. Deep Fusion.

Apple introduced a great feature that is called Deep Fusion that works in similar manner in comparison to Pixel devices which takes multiple shots and then merge it to produce great images with awesome details and great colours.

In Apple Deep Fusion that it takes 9 photos and then merge it and produces the image you want.

8. Neural Engine in chip.

Apple has announced in it's A13 Bionic chip they included Neural Engine in it to take the photography to another level and it also helps in computational photography.

But there in Android that you don't get a chip in it our Processor and i request Qualcomm to include this type of chip in their Soc and in Pixel phones you get a dedicated chip called Pixel Visual core which means more clearer photo.

If you have use G-cam mod then you may have realize that in Pixel there is a chip to handle this all information but in other devices Processor generally process this information and in Flagship phone you may get good photo but in Budget or Mid-Range phones you not get good photos.

9. Updated Face ID and Face unlock.

We all know how secure the Face ID in Apple is and in iPhone 11 series they had made to the another level by bringing multi angle Face unlock which lets you to unlock phone at every angle.

But in Android it is done by Selfie camera rather than special hardware and it is not so secure and Companies should develop new technology and should compete with Apple Face ID.


Android can learn a lot of new things from Apple and can adopt new technology and improve it and implement in their Smartphone. In Future chance is that Android can adopt a lot of things from Apple and can bring some new technology also.

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