" " A New Operating System From Realme what do you except. " "

** A New Operating System from Realme. **

Realme has announced that they wanted beta tester for their Project X, not movie Project X. It is anew Operating system from Realme and they wanted beta tester for it. We are much excited about it and we will let you know when it will come.

Flaws in Realme Color OS and what major problems are.

Recently Realme announced its new Operating System but it will be better than Color OS we can except. Because in Color Os we have faced a lot of problems. First thing is that there is much not like UI of it because of its cartoonish icons, tacky notifications, and settings page and lot more of it. Realme phones provide good hardware but there is something in its software is the problem. The major issue was of privacy was in Color OS is that is there is a setting named Identification of unknown numbers which is similar to truecaller but there is a lot of issues that it may require the permission of your contacts, phone call, and personal information was even many more but i was even shocked that if you disable this setting it is enabled by itself which is serious. One of the shocking things is that i found on color OS is that they are using Touch Pal Keyboard as preinstalled which is now banned in Google Play Store for excessive ads and malicious code found in it. Now the case of asking excessive permissions which you do not eventually need it just take an example of a browser that may ask for phone calls and messages but why does it need to work in comparison to Chrome it doesn't need any such permission and it works fine without any such permissions. The most important thing is the bloatware that comes with the phone a lot of pre-installed apps which you don't even need it and you have to manually uninstall it and many types of folders automatically form that shows a suggestion to install these apps.

Privacy issue of identification of unknown numbers.

Realme uses Touch Pal Keyboard as default.

What features do you want in Realme New Operating System.

Realme will get Oxygen OS like update to let's see.

Now the best part to tell Realme that what features do our viewers want in it's the new OS.

  • Stock Android-like UI.

  • No Bloatware.

  • Dark Mode essentially needed because the screen gets too much bright.

  • Digital Wellbeing.

  • More Focus on the privacy of users.

  • Support for third-party apps which uses google material code.

This was only my thoughts about it tell me in comments that what features you want and don't forget to share...

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