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" A New Topic to discuss that you can make your career in Gaming by playing games "

Now no one will be able to say that playing games are a waste of time...

Recently a 16-year-old gamer named Kyle changed the world's perspective of thinking that playing games are a waste of time. He won a whopping amount of about $ 3Million by just playing games at the age of 16 which is a history.

Let us know how this boy created history.

Battle Royale Game Fortnite which is a global phenomenon which was launched on 25 July 2017 developed by Epic Games. It is more similar like PUBG in which game starts with 100 players on a small island equipped with Pickaxes &a lot of other things you can find out like guns, grenades, launchers. The main difference between Fortnite & PUBG is that Fortnite builds on another concept that you can wood, metal & brick to create quick walls & our own fort as the name of the game suggests to defend ourselves. The contest was held in New York at Arthur Asle Stadium from July 26 to 28 with a total prize pool of about $30 Million. Kyle ( Bugha) who won the tournament was from Pennsylvania & his family is now proud of it.

The prize amount is more than the big tournaments in the world.

The prize money of Fortnite tournament was more than of the world biggest tournament like in Wimbledon prize money was of $2.8 million, Indian Premier League which is one of the most-watched sports the prize money is of total $2.9 Million. This concludes at last playing game is not a waste of time. There can be an opportunity in it.

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