" Android 10 is finally out and what great things it brings, the first impression about it. "

Android 10 which was in development called Android Q we thought it will come with a name like Queen cake, Queen tart but Google has made clear that it will be named Android 10 and after it will be named Android 11 in final preview and in Development state it will be name like Android R. After six beta updates and Yesterday evening Google released its Android 10 after Six Beta and it is mainly focus on Gesture Navigation system.

* Android 10 specifications and what changes in respect to Android 9 Pie. *

Android 10 is launched and it brings a lot of feature and it is available in Pixel devices and OnePlus also gived a update to its OnePlus users by open beta update and stable update will be coming soon to OnePlus devices and Xiaomi also gived Android 10 update to it's Flagship killer K20 pro. Google also gived update to Essential phone.

First feature is about Full Screen Gesture Navigation and we all know when

it come with Android Pie it was something that has much more easy to use and something new but it doesn't work smoothly and in Android 10 update it is changed from pill to bottom and in same manner is like IOS and it is best and many ways it can handle smooth. But back gesture is like MIUI and you can set the sensitivity of back gesture.

Second thing is about System Wide Dark Mode which was most needed feature in Android and Google delivered it and it look awesome in AMOLED Display and it will also support Third Party apps and Google apps are also supporting Dark mode like Chrome, Phone, Messaging and Clock but some apps are not updated to dark mode like Gmail and Google Play Store. Hope Google will fix in future update.

A new feature is introduced in Google Digital wellbeing it brings a focus mode to increase our productive skills.

Now about most important thing is about Revamped Permissions and Google has taken major steps to increase privacy in our phones and most Great thing is about Location Data it brings a new setting that app will only access our location data when our app is working and no data will be shared when app is in background hence increasing privacy.

Now main thing is that in Android 10 Google bring a project mainline that allows you to update our phone via Google Play Store and this feature is introduced because companies don't provide Android updates at time.

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