" BBK Electronics is leading the Indian market and competing against Xiaomi. "

" " Q2 Report by CounterPoint gives a hint that BBK Electronics is leading the Indian Smartphone Market " "

Latest Report of Q2 by CounterPoint gives a view that BBK Electronics total market share is more than India's No1 Smartphone Brand Xiaomi. Whereas in past Xiaomi was dominating the Indian Smartphone Market. First of all we should know what is BBK Electronics because we will use a lot of word here. BBK Electronics is a group of four Chinese companies which includes Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme. I hope i had made it clear what BBK Electronics is.

" " How Xiaomi failed to maintain its position in front of Chinese giant BBK Electronics. " "

There was time when & when only Xiaomi was dominating the Smartphone Sector. When Oppo & Vivo were unable to gain more market share. They applied a different stragety that to build its more sub brand like OnePlus & Realme which will focus only on their segment so chances is that they can gain more market share. OnePlus is build to focus on premium segment and Realme is build to beat Xiaomi in Budget segment where Xiaomi the king đź‘‘. This stragety Xiaomi announced and they also announced its sub brand we all know that created a boom in Indian market especially a tough competition to OnePlus that is POCO. Now also Xiaomi holds a lot more market share that is of 28%. Which is a large no which means that in every 3 purchases of mobile one is Xiaomi.

Here are photos of market share and other details.

" "How BBK Electronics is able to achieve its target to beat Xiaomi Let's find it out " "

BBK Electronics was able to achieve it because of its popularity towards its various sub brands through which OnePlus is able to beat Samsung & Apple in premium segment & Realme is also a tough competition to Xiaomi. In India most mobile purchases are in MidRange segment which is basically of 15000-20000 Rs. Thus conclusion is that who will provide good product & Value for money more & more customer will come to it. Hope you like it please tell me in the comments.

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