Do we even need 108 MegaPixel Camera Sensor or we are unnecessarily upgrading the SmartPhone camera.

** A Good News for Smartphone users that 108 MegaPixel can be a reality. **

Really Smartphone Camera is improving a lot in comparison to the previous years. Where the Camera MegaPixel was originally 16 MegaPixel but in recent times 48 MegaPixel exist & we are even talking about the 108 Megapixel and 48 Megapixel is a reality and soon 64 Megapixel will come.

" what are major improvements in 108 Megapixel camera over its 64 Megapixel Camera sensor."

The tweet from valuable Tipster " Ice Universe " suggests that Xiaomi is currently working on a108 MegaPixel Camera that may be for MiMix 4 which is to launch later this year.

Xiaomi currently working with 108 Megapixel camera sensor.

Xiaomi also surprises us doing something that no mobile manufacturing company does they first brought 48 MegaPixel which is a trend now and they are currently working on 108 MegaPixel camera and bringing to reality. The 108-megapixel camera sensor is developed by Samsung and also 64 MegaPixel is also developed by Samsung. The name of 108 MegaPixel sensor is 108 MegaPixel ISOCELL CMSOS Sensor which has a mind-blogging resolution of photos of 12032x9024 Pixels. Whereas 64 MegaPixel ISOCELL GW1 Sensor whose resolution is of 9248x6936 pixels. You can think about how much clearer and crisp photos you are going to get through 108 Mega Pixel Sensor. When we are getting awesome picture quality with 48 MegaPixel camera.

" 64 MegaPixel or 108 MegaPixel which will come first, Let's find it out. "

According to Recent situation, there is a chance that 64 MegaPixel Camera will come first rather than 108 MegaPixel Camera. Because really had a program that they will show how their 64 MegaPixel Camera Sensor works. If Realme does then Xiaomi will also bring it fast.

** Is we truly need a 108 MegaPixel Camera or 48 or 64 MegaPixels is enough. **

At the need of time, we don't need any 108 MegaPixel Camera Sensor, 64 MegaPixel camera is enough because if we increase the MegaPixel of camera size of the photo increases that is a basic problem. The photo shot from 108 MegaPixel Camera sensor will give a clearer photo but the size of the photo will be around 30 to 4MBmb Tell me in comments that you want to have 108 MegaPixel Camera sensor in our phone below...

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