" Do we even need a Macro lens camera in our Budget Smartphone. "

A new type is lens is caught attention in Smart Phone Industry and that lens is known as Macro Lens which is in more attention when it comes with Realme 5 series and now in Redmi Note 8 pro and in some time it will be more in the Budget phone and it will be in more phones. Macro Lens is used to take shots of small things like insects, flowers and even stone and it displays even a lot of details of small things. If we truly need a macro lens in our SmartPhone or companies are trying to gain more customers by saying that there is a Quad camera set up in their phone and triple camera in Flagship one.

* What is Macro Lens and how this is different from Regular lens. *

Macro lens is a term generated from Macro Photography in which you shot photos with small distance and you have seen a lot of this like picture of Flowers on which Insects is sitting and in this you get every small detail of it and even a picture of stone you got every detail of stone. In Realme 5 series you get a Quad camera setup in which 2 MegaPixels Macro lens is there and the Question is around you need it in our phone.

Original Macro lens cost a lot like range start from 30 $ to around 100 $ and in Realme 5 series you get a Quad camera setup in which a 2 Mega Pixel Macro lens is included and any thing about Quality it can't be said and Companies are only including 2 Mega Pixel camera and more that it is said that they are doing it so to increase their sales by means that say that Quad camera setup is included in Budget Smartphone and Flagship Smartphone comes with Triple rear camera.

It is different from Regular lens because in Regular lens you can go to such close to shot picture and Quality will also be not good Regarding it so the Macro Lens is Quite expensive and it is generally used for Wild life photography, Nature and various other projects, but in real life people do not use much this they use normal camera to shoot photos and specially potrait mode photos and no shots using Macro lens.

" How to take Macro shots and if our phone doesn't have a macro lens. "

The best way to take Macro shots is by just switching to Macro mode profile provided by camera and if our phone doesn't have a Macro lens you can take Macro shots by our primary camera also like 48 MegaPixels camera can shoot Macro photos and it has focus upto 2 to 3 cm away from object and major improvement is that now 48 Mega Pixel camera is in every segment.

Now upcoming OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T pro will bring a macro mode with no dedicated macro lens which means that it will shoot macro photos with its Telescopic lens camera and that camera is capable of shooting Macro photos. But sad news for Budget smartphone because implementation of Telescopic camera is costly in Budget segment and last phone to come with was Mi A1.

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