Do we really need a 64 Mega Pixels Camera in our smartphones 📸📸

64 Mega Pixels Camera sensor is a reality...

Nowadays people want to save more & more moments they spend so that they can remember that & they did by storing in our camera that mostly used is Smartphone. But phone cameras are also improving a lot in recent times it is improved a lot first nobody thought that 48 MP camera can be a reality but it is a reality & used in most smartphones. Let's find out which companies are making in real to happen.

64 MegaPixels means camera opportunities & more zooming power & clearer picture & video capability. It is a rumor that it can record videos in 5k@30fps. Recently South Korean Giant we all know Samsung announced that it they are working on 64 MP sensor. So that they can sell more of it to other OEMs manufacturer like Xiaomi, Oneplus, Realme.

First of all, we should talk about 48 MegaPixel camera which is in trend which is used by major smartphone companies that they used in their devices are OnePlus 7 Series, Redmi K20 series. Xiaomi also announced that they are currently working on 64 MegaPixel camera. When Xiaomi is doing how can we forget that Realme will also so this. But my main question is that we really need 64 MP Camera. Do you really need a 64MegaPixel Camera Please tell me in Comments?

Samsung 64 MP Camera sensor.

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