" " Do you Want to Buy Flagship Phone every year or especially in 2019. " "

Redmi K20 with flagship specs at low cost to flagship

We all Know what Great Specs that flagship provide but at a great cost that every one can't afford that. But my main question is that you should upgrade your phone every year or if you buy a flagship in 2018 or you need to upgrade in 2019. The answer is that no you can choose other option available out or you can switch to Mid-Range so you can save a lot of money then if you need you should upgrade.

* Mid-Range can be Greater choice than Flagship. *

It was earlier that you need flagship because at that price you will get great value for money and great specifications and Budget phones was not so good because of high pricing and low specifications and major innovations was only in flagship smartphones rather than in Budget Smartphones. So People buy flagship at that time.

This was in 2014 when Xiaomi revolutionized the Smatphone industry in India and after that what a major innovations came in Budget Segment which no one thought that it could be possible, Now it is 2019 you can get an In-Display Fingerprint sensor which is limited to flagship level and major example is of 48 Mega-Pixel camera which is a trend now is first brought in Budget segment only

You can switch to Mid-Range Segment because it is now like that it was in old time because all major specs that you get in flagship smartphone is now available in Mid-Range Smartphone which at recent time provide great value for money and new specs that is not limited to flagship only.

In India major smartphone sales is in Mid-Range Segment (15,000-20,000) Rs so it is a hot selling market so if you want to make major impact so you have to bring something new and major innovations and more improvement is in Mid-Range than in Flagship one. More and More people are changing their mind and changing their mind and switching from Flagship to Mid-Range because at this price you can purchase 4 best Mid-Range Smartphone for 4 consecutive years.

Let's take example of Redmi K20 which bring a lot of specs same to flagship one and better than to spend few than more. It brings an AMOLED Display which is not even possible in these segment and most interesting feature of Pop-Up camera which was limited to flagship but it is available in K20 and latest In-Display Fingerprint sensor and lot of flagship specs at half price of it.

" Your Decision about which one to buy let's make it clear. "

Now main part is that i will conclude which one to buy and i will make it clear that which user you are and which one you should buy in simple language.

If you are normal user and don't want something more out of our phone for example you want a phone for daily task, play game and some social media and watch films you should go with Mid-Range because if you buy a flagship one you will not get much difference in real life and you can save money and spent on other things that are necessary.

If you are a tech guy or tech enthuasist you should definitely go for flagship one because it will give you a brief idea of what innovations are and what major improvements are there.

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