" Future of Smartphone battery is Graphene or Lithium ion battery will be there ? "

We all knew that Mobile phones have changed a lot in segment like Display, Camera and specially Processors but Battery have not changed a lot and in future Smartphones will be on another level with much better Design, Brighter Display and more efficient Processor. Now in this blog we will talk about what future of battery is Graphene or Lithium ion ?

* Features of Graphene Battery, It is better than Lithium ion Battery. "

We have spent a lot of time with electronic gadgets and in this main component is Battery and this starts from our Smartphone, Laptops, Wearables, Desktop and even upto Electric vehicles. But in few years Every thing in Electronic industry has evolved but Battery is same we use 6 years ago is same Lithium ion battery. But now Scientist and various Companies are developing Graphene Battery which is said to be future.

Lithium ion battery is useful and portable, but it has also some major problems like it gets bulky when to make large size and it is not even portable. It gets over heat when charging and so you can't use while charging and it doesn't even support fast charging and it takes a long time to charge and in recent times it have blasted some times which causes loss of money and even some times loss of life. But it is now used in every Electronic devices.

Now come to Graphene Battery, Graphene is a form of Carbon and Carbon exist in various forms like Diamond also contains Carbon, Pencil lead also contain Carbon in form of Graphite. Scientist and various Mobile manufactures are developing battery of Future and the Future is Graphene.

Graphene is lot better in comparison to Lithium ion because if you have to make large size of battery it is light weight and in Lithium ion it is bulky and in Graphene it can be charged at faster speeds in comparison to Lithium ion battery and rumors is that it can be fully charged in 30 minutes. It is lot safer in comparison to Lithium ion battery because it doesn't get blast and more light weight and portable.

But major problem is that with Graphene is that it can't be mass produced at now and it is currently in development stage and in future there will be mass production which means that more and more devices will use it. Report are said that Samsung is currently working on it and chance is there that you can see in Samsung phone in 2020 or in first Quarter of 2021.

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