" Future of the SmartPhone is Bezel-less or Bezels are back? "

We all had an earlier smartphone which comes with a lot of Bezel around it and nowadays this is ending and the future is excepted to be Bezel-less or full-screen display. But the future is Bezel-less or Bezels we will discuss this below and after reading the whole blog you will get a clear perspective of what the future is.

" Earlier was Bezels, Present is Bezel-less, Future is? "

The Smartphone that came earlier was full of Bezel around it. Which looks more boring and less screen to body ratio which means more Bezels at top and bottom. But improvement has taken in a few years and Bezels are currently disappearing and new 18:9 aspect ratio is becoming popular and fewer Bezels means more body to screen ratio.

The first phone which comes with fewer Bezels was Sharp Aquos Crystal which has a little chin on the bottom and no Bezel on top and side. Then Xiaomi got inspired by this and it reflected in their Mi Mix which brings a camera on the bottom with speakers on the bottom also. It looks awesome at that time and most innovative phone at that time.

We all love the concept of the notch but anyone knows who bring the concept of the notch. Which means less space and more screen to body ratio. The first company that brings notch was Essential Ph1 and then Apple has done potential use of this concept and implementing in it's iPhone X by introducing a large notch which includes a lot of sensors and uniform Bezel at the side.

Which means uniform screen to body ratio. Then after that many companies got inspired by this and major improvements had taken place it like Tear Drop notch, Raindrop, Full notch and more new is punch hole.

But more Smartphone makers are moving towards a futuristic one like Full-Screen Display by implementing new technologies to ensure more screen to body ratio by Pop- Up camera, Sliding camera, Shark fin Pop- Up camera, Horizontal + Slider camera mechanism. This makes that Bezelless phone can be in the future also.

But Google the parent company of Android is trying to do something different by bringing the trend of Bezel back. Recent Google announced that they will include Bezels in their upcoming flagship Pixel 4 shown it's teaser with Bezel on top and little chin on the bottom. Somehow many companies are also influenced by Google also if Pixel 4 gets a hit then chance is there other manufactures will bring Bezels back.

* Why Google does not leave Bezels and opt for full-Screen Display Design. *

We all know Google brings a lot of innovations in their smartphone and awesome fast and good looking hardware and software experience. It was the first company to bring the Portrait mode on a single camera. We all know that Pixel lineup has not got much good response because of old Bezel design and looking so premium but Smartphone is premium.

The main problem is that Google brings a lot of sensor and feature like Face Id and to run perfectly they need a space and there is no such technology available to put under notch or punch hole or even under the display. Recent Google was criticized for bringing ugly notch in Pixel 3 and many people don't like that so in Pixel 4 they are bringing in the forehead.

Pixel 4 comes with same set up they include in Pixel 3 with 2 selfie camera one is primary and other is wide-angle and one speaker on it to produce stereo speaker effect and lot of sensor to run perfectly Face Id like feature and the main highlight of Pixel 4 is Project Soli Radar chip which is implemented on Pixel 4 which means you can control your phone without touching it and can be controlled by gestures.

Implementing in the forehead is an inexpensive and easy way and currently, Google is doing so because there is no technology available to put it under a notch or punch hole or In-display. They are also working on it. Their main focus is on speed and accuracy because the popup camera reduces speed. Google also says that the future is Bezel-less but Bezel is the current option right now.

Pixel 4 Forehead and Bezel future is in it if it gets a hit.

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