" Google Nest Hub launches in India do we truly need it. "

As more and more network of Artificial language and Machine language is spreading rapidly and more smart tech is moving towards people. So there will be a global rise in Interactive based tech solutions for natural ease and simplicity they offer. The market is still growing in India where major players are Google and Amazon who bring them the best smart speakers to attract user with a charming voice of their smart assistant. Recently Google announced its Nest Hub in India at 9,999 Rs.

" What specs does it pack and his it is different from its competitors. "

It was launched in the USA when Google launched Pixel 3a and get instantly hit and now Google is expecting the same in India. But time will tell how much this is successful. Google launched a 7 inch Nest Hub in India at an introductory price of about 9,999 Rs via Flipkart and Google store and you can buy offline via Chroma and Reliance Trends.

Now about the specifications part, it comes with a 7-inch touch display and also lightweight of 480 grams. It supports a lot of things like handsfree and you can ask Google assistant and it is said to be Smart Home Hub that can control our smart things in home for example like Smart Bulb, Switch off the light, Regulate temperature of the thermostat and if you have smart locks then you can also control via this.

It doesn't come with a camera due to a privacy issue which means that you can't use duo for high-quality video call. It is most reliable because you don't have to panic that it doesn't stare you all the time and privacy is taken care of you don't want to listen to Nest Hub to our talk you can disable it by pressing the button at the back.

It can be controlled by the help of two far-field microphones on the front which will help you to command Google assistant and you can ask a lot of question to it and the speaker is provided on an angle and display is mounted on the full firing speakers and sound quality is awesome.

It can be used as an alternative to view Pictures on Netflix, Prime Video and many other platforms like YouTube. It can be used to play songs on various online services like gaana, Spotify and various others. You can also help in the kitchen to know the recipe of anything guide by guide and various other things. You can see your photos and videos also on Google photos.

* How it is different from other competitors and you should buy it. *

It is well made and great value for money but in India, this market is growing slowly even people don't purchase Google home and Alexa sale is not more and there is a chance that it will go slowly but in future, the potential is a lot more than excepted. If you have a smart thing in our home then you should definitely buy it.

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