" Google Pixel 4 is leaked online and has some great Specifications and it is awesome. "

Google Pixel 4 which is saying to be a great flagship and has a great specifications and all specs of Google Pixel 4 is leaked online and in many ascepts it is a good upgrade over Google Pixel 3 and it is said to be coming with 8x Zoom capability and have a refreshing rate of 90 Hz.

* Specifications of Google Pixel 4 and it is a upgrade over Pixel 3 or not. "

Google when come to Mobile market and bring their Pixel Smartphone line up it was the best Smartphone because it brings a lot of innovations and new things but their sales have a problem that their Smartphone sales are not because of is that the Pixel Devices looks more boring and in even 2018 it came with 4 GB of RAM and other Flagship level phones comes with 8 or 12 GB of RAM. But in Pixel 4 there is chance it can be a hit in the market.

There have been a lot of leaks and rumors about Pixel 4 ans even some one by Google about it would come with a Double or Triple rear camera setup and amazing feature i am interested is about Project SOLI Radar chip which lets you to control our phone with gestures without opening our phone.

Now come to all specifications about Pixel 4 is that it's code name is Coral and the ever reliable " Roland Quandt " and it will have a Glass back and will come with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection and in Design there is no major improvements over Pixel 3 and in many areas it is same like Pixel 3. Report also suggest that Pixel 4 is coming in Black and white colors with Bright Orange power button.

For the first time in Pixel lineup it going to ship with 6 GB of RAM generally it comes with 4 GB of RAM and this is a good upgrade over Pixel 3 and said that the Screen will have a refresh rate of about 90 Hz. Pixel 4 in all its notch less beauty with having a large top bezels for various sensors like Face unlock, Motion Sense gestures and Front facing cameras stored in it.

On the Camera part it comes with 12 MegaPixel primary camera and 16 MegaPixel Telephoto lens and said to be come with 8x Zoom Capability wether the Zoom will be Optical or Digital or Combined. In my views it will go with Combined one because it is easy to implement it and they will use Super Res Zoom technique to produce sharper image at higher magnifications.

On front it will come with Dual camera setup one will be primary and another will be Ultra wide angle lens camera and in Pixel 4 report suggest that it will come with better Wide angle selfies and improved night sight and about MegaPixel of Front cameras is not available.

It will come with some new features like Audio Zoom, Live HDR and all new Project SOLI Radar chip which is something new in this segment.

It is said to be coming with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and for non XL one it will come with 5.7 inch OLED Display with Screen resolutions of 1080 pixels and battery of about 2800 mAh and for XL Devices it will come with 6.3 inch OLED Display with Screen resolution of about 1440 pixels with battery of about 3700 mAh.

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