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" Great news is that a Native Theme app is coming to Stock Android then later Android one. "

We all know that Stock Android lacks of lot of features to customize your Smartphone and brings a lot of great features and but in comparison to other companies it lacks a lot of feature. But Google in Android 10 has taken customization seriously and report is that a native theme app is coming soon and it will come first with launch of Pixel Devices and it will be a Pixel exclusive features.

* More about Native Theme app in detail when it is coming. "

In Stock Android brings a lot of innovations and all new features but it lacks a lot of features like various companies provide customization options to apply theme, accent and font colors. But in Android 10 Google has taken seriously this feature and they have added a native theme app and report says that it wiill be Pixel exclusive feature. But great news is that you will get a native theme app in Android.

In a few days leaks and rumors of upcoming Flagship of Google Pixel 4 is there all in news about it's hardware specifications is that it will come with 8x Zoom capability, 6 GB of RAM and interesting feature is that screen will have a refresh rate of 90 Hz and more about it's smooth Software support.

It was clear that Google was currently working on Native Theme app and when there was Q in beta stage there was a hidden app named " Pixel Themes " which is similar to Customizing like app Consist of changing Font, Icon shape and Accent colors in the Pixel Devices which is similar to App like in Custom Skin and in Android 10 it is going to be said " Pixel Themes ".

New Theme picker app is also uploaded to AOSP with Android 10 Source code and in Android 10 Source code this app appears as " Styles and Wallpapers " in app drawer. This can be accessible via click on home screen it will open a pop up in which there is a setting named Styles and Wallpapers. It is basically used to Customize lock screen, Ambient Display clock face, Pixel launcher grid size and lock and home screen wallpapers.

It has 3 pre default options like Crayon, Collage and Ash.

In Crayon options it allows a purple accent color, Arbutus font, and consist of Circular/ Teardrop icons.

In Collage options it allows a green accent color, Arvos and Lato Font, and consist of Filled icons.

In Ash options it allows a Black accent Color, Rubix Font and consist of Rounded/ Squicircle icons.

In Android Q previous beta builds there was also this feature available but with different name like Anthony, Johanna and Reiko. Anthony was Ash, Johanna was Collage, Reiko was Crayon.

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