" Great news that OnePlus is going to launch its Research and Development centre in India. "

OnePlus is said to launch its Research and Development center in India especially in India. What great news for India and it is clear that Make in India Lion is Roaring and said that they will invest 1000 Crore in next 3 years. The center is designed specially to build a global product and mainly focus on AI, 5G, and IoT.

* How it will benefit India and more to our economy. *

Recently Chinese Smartphone company launched its Research and Development center in India especially in Hyderabad and said that they will invest about 1000 Crore incoming next year's. The center is to be built in 1,86,000 sq km and will consist of five floors. Mainly the focus is on the development of Artificial language and Machine Learning in OnePlus products. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau also said that they will grow the Hyderabad facility into the largest Globally R and D center by investing 1000 crore.

OnePlus has five other R and D center in China at Shenzen, Shanghai, Taipei, Nanjing, and Santiago. This is the first facilities outside China with huge investment and great thanks to our Foreign Policy and makes Make in India Lion Roar.

The Hyderabad Facility is to drive innovations in India for Global products especially on software with emphasized on 5G, AI and IoT. OnePlus R and D will house three labs Camera lab, Communication lab, and networking lab and automation lab will focus on camera development, 5G testing and software with a focus on AI and performance testing.

This facility will focus on five areas including Network, Global Carrier Customization, Oxygen OS native apps, Global product development, Software innovation, and Testing. This means that they will focus only on OnePlus India specific apps and 5G testing and export to other countries which means a boost in the economy by direct FDI.

It will create a lot of opportunities and employment to people around it. OnePlus is more focusing on India because it is the major Smartphone market in the world and one-third of revenue come from India. Because in India OnePlus is performing very well and beating Samsung and Apple in the premium segment and more people prefer it.

This is a great move because already other Tech companies have their R & D center in India. Samsung, Asus, and many others. OnePlus also makes clear that this facility is exclusive for OnePlus phone not for Oppo phones.

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