" Great news that UPI is added in Google play store as payment option. "

A great move by Google it means that Google feels how much important India is that because major earning of Google is from India by many ways like Indian's always search a lot of things on Google and in 1.3 Billion people country if more than 70% use Android Smartphone you can think that how much Google earns it by people using their apps and services and play store downloads. When Jio is in India it is the most affordable data plan of 4G in the world and due to high-speed data at low cost now the gaming trend is now increasing in India. But only in one area, Google lacks that if someone wants to purchase something on play store it only has limited options like Debit and Credit cards, Net banking and now UPI is also a payment option available.

* UPI is now available as payment option in Google Play store. *

Earlier when you want to purchase something in Google Play Store you only have limited set of options like Debit and Credit Cards, Net Banking and some carrier billing services like Airtel and Vodafone, Google play gift card and by most famous way to earn money and spend in Google Play Store was Google Play Rewards.

Now UPI is also a payment option available in Google Play Store and i am saying that it will be a great hit and how UPI is increased in few years which is no suprising and what is UPI it is a term Unified Payment Interface an initiative and facility by Goverement of India to promote Digital Payment solution and to move people to cash to cashless economy. Which is also a great step and it is generally unfavourable for medium and large buisness because it only allows you to transfer a limited amount of cash to other's bank account.

But favourable for small scale and primary use for daily transaction. We know Google pay or Tez which was launched by Google to increase India's Digital transaction is a great hit. Now days people prefer to use more often it than cash and from Google side is that how they can handle this data because 141 banks in India provide UPI and how good it does. It is rolled out by Google in its Play Store Version 16.3.37 and ensure that our play store is up to date to enjoy this feature.

Tell me in comments that you use UPI, Debit or Credit Cards, Net banking to pay in Google Play store and don't forget to like and share to our loved ones to make aware them so that they can use this feature.

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