" iPhone 11 series is worthy to upgrade over iPhone X series. "

We all know what great things Apple bring with their devices especially iPhones and after launching iPhone 11 series the question arises that it is worthy to upgrade over it or not.

* iPhone 11 series specs and pricing and availability in India. "

Apple launched its most awaited phone and commonly the most expensive in the world but there is a trend that how much expensive iPhone will come people will purchase and is currently seen from the report of Top 10 Smartphones in the world in 2019 and on top Apple remains its place with iPhone XR with 26.4 million units shipped. Let's us see that iPhone 11 can beat this record.

Now let's talk about the iPhone 11 series what specs it packs and if it is worthy to upgrade over iPhone X series and on Tuesday in Cupertino in California Apple launched it's iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and yeah naming of this is ridiculous. Apple also launched its 10 inch iPad and new streaming services like Apple TV+.

The first talk about the cheapest phone from Apple it is iPhone 11 it is the successor of iPhone XR which is No 1 Smartphone Globally and in iPhone 11 it is same as it's previous versions and no major upgrade in Design but only a square camera bump is added and it comes with awesome colours and polished Display.

The iPhone 11 comes with an IPS LCD Display which Apple calls it LCD retina display and it comes with all-new Apple Bionic A13 chip with 7 gen 7 Nanometer process and the Chip is a true upgrade over A12 chipset and battery performance and gaming performance is increased surely. It also has a huge notch which is not good looking but improved Face ID now it can even detect at angles.

Now at back, you will get a square camera bump in this there is dual camera setup one is the primary lens and other is an ultra-wide-angle lens. Finally, Night Mode arrives at Apple we will see how this fight against Google Pixel ones and in front you will get a 12 MP and 2 MP depth camera and you can now shoot Selfies from the front which is just a slow-motion video from Selfie camera and you can shoot 4K @ 60 fps from the front. There is no USB Type C port which means a lot of problems regarding charging when you lost charger.

Let's talk about the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 pro-Max which has almost the same specification but iPhone 11 Pro Max has a bigger display and has more price than on compared to iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with 5.8 inch Super Retina XDR Display which is an OLED Display and iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with 6.5 inch Super Retina XDR Display.

Both iPhone has the same design that was the iPhone XS and XS Max but a square camera bump is there where a triple camera setup is there one is primary secondary is Telephoto lens and triple is a Wide-Angle lens which is able to capture photos and videos in 4K @ 60 fps which is awesome. Night mode is there and one new thing is Deep Fusion which means that it takes multiple photos with variable exposure and merge every photo and uses complex Algorithm and Machine learning to bring the best photo out for you.

The great thing is that it is the first time when Apple has included an 18 watts fast charger in the box but Android users are getting from this early and even with more watts like 30 watts Dash Charge from OnePlus. There are an enhanced Face ID feature and no USB Type C port and no In-Display Fingerprint sensor.

Now let's talk about the battery and Storage types it comes with that iPhone 11 comes with storage of 64 GB, 128 GB and last 256 GB as Apple don't tell about which RAM is using and in another two iPhones it comes with 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB and also on the battery part company didn't give information about mAh but only said that iPhone 11 will give 1 hour of extra battery life, iPhone 11 Pro will give 4 hour more than iPhone XS and 5 hour more than iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Now about pricing the base version is around 64,900 Rs and iPhone 11 pro price is around 99,900 Rs and iPhone 11 Pro Max price is around 1,09,900 Rs and will be available in India from September 25.

In my views, it is not the major upgrade and only it is minor upgrade and it is worthy to Upgrade over it because it doesn't bring a 90 Hz Refresh rate and no USB Type C port and no wireless reverse charging.

If you are interested in buying this phone. Tell me in the comments below.

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