" Is 90 Hz Refresh rate becoming a standard in Flagship Smartphone and soon in Mid-Range Segment. "

Now days Gaming is becoming a trend with awesome games like PUBG, Asphalt 9 and coming Call of Duty but to run this high end games you need a Smartphone that is capable of running it. Earlier it was 60 Hz Display and now when Gaming is becoming a trend and in OnePlus has launched in it's OnePlus 7 pro it came with all new interesting feature of 90 Hz refresh rate.

* Is 90 Hz Refresh rate becoming a standard in Flagship Smartphone. *

In this Gaming world we all love playing games and now even Gaming can be a carrier and with PUBG mobile gaming is build to a large extent. Various Mobile companies are currently focusing on Gaming phone or making their phone capable to play Games with High end graphics. Earlier Flagship Smartphones come with a 60 Hz refresh rate and now OnePlus has set a standard for providing a 90 Hz Refresh rate in their Flagship.

What is Refresh rate ? Refresh rate is the number of the times in a second a screen redraws a image. It is measured in Hertz ( Hz ). In simple terms, a Higher Refresh rate means lesser motion blur and considerably clearer image Quality. Most Smartphones today are equipped with 60 Hz screens, irrespective of the price. But now OnePlus has set a stake that a Flagship Smartphone will come with 90 Hz Refresh rate.

Higher refresh rate largely enhances your Smartphone experience. Scrolling through the app drawer, image or web page becomes so much smoother. If you spend a lot of time looking into your SmartPhone , higher refresh rate can make our eyes less tired. Even the gaming experience make much smoother. In OnePlus 7 pro there is a smooth experience so that there is lag free and more smooth experience.

Now upcoming OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro said that it is coming with 90 Hz screen. If OnePlus is implementing it that means that other companies will also do and because to assault OnePlus companies like Samsung, Apple and Google will also bring a phone with 90 Hz refresh rate.

Recently there is a news that upcoming Flagship and most innovative Smartphone of the year Google Pixel 4 is said to be coming with 90 Hz Refresh rate and also the Apple I-Phone XI is also coming with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Samsung will also do it. There is a lot of improvement over 60 Hz because it brings best experience and less blur and more clearer photos.

There is a news that Realme, Oppo and Xiaomi is set to bring a 90 Hz refresh rate in Mid-Range segment which means that for a few time it will be Flagship feature and after few time it will be available in both Budget and Mid-Range Segment.

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