" Is Google Pixel is a failure in India and why Pixel 4 is not coming to India, Let's find it out?

We all know that many new and interesting features Google Pixel brings with its innovations and awesome concepts. But this time there is bad news that Google Pixel 4 is not coming to India. In this blog, we will find out its reason for not coming to India.

" Google Pixel 4 is not coming to India? Why"

Google recently revealed that its new most awaited Flagship Smartphone is not coming to India. It is Heartbreak but there is indeed no chance of Pixel 4 coming soon to the Indian market. This is due to many reasons like Project Soli not supported in India and many other factors which we will discuss briefly later.

First, let give you basic about what is Project Soli Radar chip is present in Pixel 4 forehead. It is a synthetic radar which works as a motion sensor which lets you control the phone with a gesture like you can lock, unlock your phone with gestures, It also helps you you change music tracks with fingers gestures and you can also control volume and especially you can say Hi to Pokemon present in Google Live wallpapers.

Project Soli radar chip works on 58 to 63 GHz frequency bandwidth and in the USA it is currently available for both public and commercial use. So to use it, you need this frequency bandwidth and it is currently available only in 58 Countries. In India 58 to 63 GHz frequency bands is not available for public use so Google could not get support for this and it is the reason it is not coming to India.

You can think it is the only reason but it is not the reason because in Japan this frequency bandwidths is not available and Pixel 4 is launched there without it and In India, it can be launched without it.

It is not the reason that because Pixel brand has not made much impact in India and it is not performing better in previous years. So Google can do this because of not much sale no in India.

When the first Pixel was launched in India it was not a major hit because it's an old design that many people don't like it and when Pixel 2 come it has some serious problems regarding Display that some users also said that it was having screen blending issue. Then comes the case of Pixel 3 it also comes with an ugly huge notch that was not looking good.

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