" Is it worthy to upgrade to I-phone 11 or you should buy another Flagship Smartphone. "

We all know what great Hardware and Specification that it provides for their devices and but this all comes at a cost that every one cant afford it. Apple was loved by all until Steve Jobs was there because he was the success behind Apple and when, Tim Cook become CEO of Apple it was clear from that no major innovations and ideas came and they were focusing on making more and more profit. This is why the Apple is losing its popularity in India and its sales is declined by 50% which is a large no and it clears that Apple is losing is value in India.

" Now on Topic that it is worthy to Buy I-phone 11 or switch to other Flagship Smartphone. "

Now about I-phone 11 which is Apple upcoming Flagship and from leaks and Rumor and something by official sources also make clear that it is not too much a big upgrade and no 5G is coming in 2019 I make it clear. Lets from Official sources by Apple that it is going to launch on September 10th in Cupertino ( California ) in Steve Jobs Theatre and invites is allready sent to Big Youtubers and other Tech loving ones.

Now from unofficial or from leaks and rumors which started from mid of the year and even everything regarding it is leaked that I-Phone 11 will come in three models like I-Phone XR, I-Phone XS, I-Phone X Max and naming of I-Phone 11 is said to be in this manner like I-Phone 11, I-Phone 11 Pro and I-Phone 11 MaxPro which is unique to brand their product like this and it all contributes to major selling Globaly but in India its sales are not much attracting and we even seen a drop of about 50% in India.

What major innovations and updades it bring first of all lets start with Design you will be sad to hear about there is no update in Design there is same Design like in I-Phone X series in front you will get same notch and not even size of notch is also not reduced but at back you will defenitely get an update you will get a camera hump and in I-Phone 11 you will get Dual rear camera and in I-Phone 11 Pro you will get triple rear camera and in I-Phone 11 MaxPro report suggest that you will get triple rear camera but in square Housing which is unique.

Now what types of camera are coming in Triple rear camera setup it includes Normal + Telephoto + Wideangle ( 0.5x ) what next is that you will be shocked to hear that I-phone 11 can take 3 photos which each lens so that if you want to zoom and you can do it and Quality of the picture is good and they are also improving their camera Algorithms so that it can take multiple shots so that what shot does user want is they will have it is up to it.

Now to handle all this you need a powerful processor and A13 processor is coming to I-Phone 11 that will be the best processor available and it is more focusing on Real-Time Photography and Battery Consumption will be very less and improvement is that every model of I-Phone 11 will get 20% more battery and focused on developing Reverse Wireless Charging and it is mainly used to charge its Air pods and its Apple Watch.

It is time to say the sad news that in 2019 you will get last Apple on IPS LCD Display in I-Phone 11 you will get 6.04 inch IPS LCD Display and in I-Phone 11 Pro you will get 6.04 inch OLED Display and in I-Phone 11 Maxpro you will get 6.7 inch OLED Display and Apple is saying that their phones will be more Shock Proof and waterproof and report also suggest that it will be shattered proof.

The color that it will come with is Black, White, and new Green and Gold combination and moreover is that it will come with Special Red edition and it is said to come with USB Type C in one end of the lightning cable which is a great move that USB Type C can be universal now and you can get Apple Pencil in it and Headphone Jack is removed you know. Tell me in comments that you are going to Buy I-Phone 11 or not and don't forget to like and share with our loved ones.


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