" Media Tek announced its new fleet of processors to take down the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 & 730G."

" Media Tek is trying to take more market share in competition to Qualcomm."

Recently Media Tek announced its new fleet of processors G90 & G90 T. Which is similar to Snapdragon 730 & 730 G. But Media Tek is also a lot better than Snapdragon in Antutu Benchmarks, GPU score and many more

Specs of G-90 & G-90 T.

Now Specs of the new chipset G-90 & G-90 T.

G-90 T is more powerful than G-90 so we will focus only on G-90 T. It is based on 12 Nanometer FinFeet Technology and its main purpose is to boost gaming performance. It is an octa-core processor 2 high power core is of Cortex A76 and 6 low power core of about Cortex A55. The clock speed of the processor is about 2.05 GHz. The Graphics is of 3em4c Mali-G76 GPU. Its frequency is about up to 800 MHz. It also supports up to 10 GB LPDDR4X RAM.

Now the main difference between the two processors Helio G-90T and Snapdragon 730G.

Hello G-90 T vs Snapdragon 730 G.

New Media Tek Hyper Engine.

Antutu Benchmark score

There is the result of the benchmark & other one's. On paper Snapdragon 730 G appears more powerful but in real life, the Helio G-90 T is more powerful than it.

" Now the most important question is which companies are first to put this processor in their phones."

Anyone can guess which company is the first to bring in their phone. India's No 1smart phone brand Xiaomi has teased that they are bringing their phone on it. There is a rumor that Redmi Note 8 will come on it.

The new phone from Xiaomi is coming soon.

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