" New Revolution in Bike Industry with Revolt Motors is changing totally how we drive bike. "

The name Revolt itself suggests revolution and Revolt bike has done in its field by bringing India's first AI-controlled bike and electric, so don't worry about increasing the price of petrol and it is fully electric and it is completely the future. Revolt motors are started by Rahul Sharma co-founder of ( Micromax ). The best thing is that you can buy it for like subscription you have of Netflix, Prime Video and only you have to bring your Aadhar card and take a bike home for 2,999 Rs and you have to pay for 36 months. Company logo is to get the Bike in every hand.

* What specs does it packs and how it is different from other Bike's. *

Revolt Motors is the first company to bring electric bike in India and it is fully remote controlled and its full features are AI that you don't need to insert key in it and it is keyless remote equipped with lock to unlock and start and you can locate your bike also as now you can search your mobile phone when it is lost. Literally, it is the key to the future. Revolt Bike comes in three variants like RV 300, RV 400 base and RV 400 Premium it comes at a cost of 1.10 lakh of 300 and 1.38 lakh of 400 base and 1.57 lakh of RV 400 premium and in one full charge, it gives a range of about 150 Km.

The most important thing is that it doesn't pollute the enviroment and you don't have to worrry about increasing price of petrol and most interesting feature is that it doesn't have a exhaust pipe instead of Exhaust it has a speaker so that you can choose what sound to be played quiet and loud and most important thing is that it doesn't have gear that ordinary bikes comes but it works as scooter with 3 different modes like Normal, Economy and more trendy Sporty mode.

Now discuss about mileage and speed it is most important thing in bike it is different in 3 modes like in Normal mode it gives a mileage of 100 Km and speed of about 65 Kmph and in Economy mode you get a mileage of about 150 Km and speed of about 45 Kmph and last in Sports mode it give a mileage of about 80 Km and speed of about 80 Kmph. It is on paper but in real life it will be different or same that will when this bike comes we will know.

Now about pricing is that the company says that you can take bike if you have around 2,999 Rs in our pocket and only Aadhar card which is great and you have to pay 2,999 Rs for next 3 years it is like a subscription plan and which means that it can be much more affordable and 3,999 for RV 400 base version and 4,999 Rs for RV 400 premium which is a great step and it will gain a lot of popularity in youth and in tech world it is also recognised a lot.

How to charge it what a great question it can be charged from your normal socket and you can take out our battery and give to our Revolt station and then you will get a charged one and then enjoy our journey.

The most important thing i liked in this bike is that it is fully controlled by mobile and it is India's first Artificial Intellegience bike and it is electrical so it doesn't pollute the enviroment.

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