" Nokia Leads in Android update and Security patch Report by Counterpoint. "

We all know what we miss in Android when its new version comes is about when you will get the update and even we don't get the security patch even released by Google. But things are changing because Nokia has made it possible that their devices are updated to the latest Android Pie with 96% of their devices run on it and only 4% of devices are running on Android Oreo which Nokia says that they will update this also.

* How Nokia is able to achieve it? Let's find it out. *

This time Nokia adopted a whole different strategy by launching their devices with Android One program which guarantee 2 years of Official Android update and security update and most love Stock vanilla Android with less bloatware and necessary apps and whole pixel-like experience and no ads and speedy performance.

Android one is the great alternative to provide an Android update to a large extent because you don't need to customize Android like in Custom Skin which means that it can be distributed as same as that come from Google. Which helps on device update and security of various threat and Nokia take security so seriously we can imagine that its every device is updated to Google latest security patch.

HMD Global or Nokia has done a great job in providing a great portfolio that they provide the latest Android and security update to other devices. The major thing is that Nokia says that their whole devices will get an Android 10 update and they have cleared a roadmap for their Android 10 update and HMD Global says that in Q2 of 2020 their whole devices will get updated to Android 10. If they are saying that means they are serious about it and i am sure it can be achieved.

Now the main question arises that many phones which Come with Android One don't perform well and you will be shocked to hear that many companies don't even provide Android pie update and their devices are greatly vulnerable to hackers.

" Other companies can learn from it and can do like Nokia. "

Report from CounterPoint make clear that Nokia is leading by 96 percent of their devices are running on Android pie and second Company is Samsung which has 89 percent of devices running on Android pie and third Company is Xiaomi is with 84 percent of their devices running on Android pie and you will be shocked to hear that offline giant like Oppo and Vivo has their major devices running on Android Oreo and only 35 percent of their devices are running on Android pie.

The company can switch to Android one program or rather than switching to Custom Skin which takes a lot of time and sometimes even delays. If companies accept my opinion if this happens it is the solution to provide Android and security patch to every people snartphone.

Tell me in comments that your phone has which Android or Security patch it is running on and don't forget to like and share to our love one to make them aware.


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