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" O-LED or Q-LED TV which one is best, Let's find it out. "

We all love watching TV and in recent years Display Technology on TV has improved and due to this TV is becoming slimmer and lightweight instead of heavy and big ones like an old TV. In this blog, I will cover about O-LED and Q- LED which one is better. At last, you will learn a lot of things regarding this.

* Main Features of O-LED and Q-LED. *

In this blog, we will discuss two different technology in TV Display O-LED and Q-LED. O-LED stands for ( Organic Light Emitting Diode ) and it is developed by LG and it is a new technology and it is expensive and Q-LED stands for ( Quantum Dots Light Emitting Diode ) and it is developed by Samsung and used on their TV and it is also a new technology and but it is little cheaper than O-LED ones.

First of all, we should know how normal TV works and first with IPS LCD TV comes in which there is an LCD panel at back and source of light is thrown from the back and then it forms a picture and then comes LED LCD Display which is similar to LCD Display but the main difference is that LED light is at back and through light is thrown from back and then image forms.

Let's first discuss O-LED Display which is a technology developed by LG and LG is the only company that provides O-LED Display to other companies and mainly in this, there is a LED display in which there is an individual pixel which when comes in contact with light emits it's own RGB color and then image is formed. In O- LED Display panel you will get greater blacks and more natural and vivid colors and awesome picture quality.

Now let's discuss Q-LED which is developed by Samsung and it is a new technology and in this, there is an LED LCD Display and between them, there is a microscopic coating on which light falls there is a light produced and then the image is formed. In this Blacks are not good as in O-LED panel but other details are awesome and it produces an awesome image.

Which one is better and what can be the future.

First of all, I want to tell an important thing there is a flaw in it that when you are watching TV and movies for a long time or you are playing games for a long session there is an issue of Screen Burning and Color Retention. I will explain to you with an example that if you are watching a news channel for a long time there is a logo of a news channel that is there on top which is not moving which causes Screen Burning and sometimes color Retention also.

Screen Burning and Color Retention means that there is a shadow of part of something you watch continuously remember to take an example of a news channel in which the logo is not moving. It means that if you switch off the TV then also there is a shadow if it and it is generally caused in the usage of 3-5 years.

All comes to price and availability of how easy it is available the O-LED Panel comes in the TV of budget around 90 to 1.4 lakh around which is a huge amount and not everyone is buying that. In the future, there is a chance that it will be available at a low cost so that is more accessible to people. The issue of Screen Burning and Color Retention is also there. I hope that this issue will solve in the future.

Now about the Q-LED panel which has a great advantage over O-LED panels because it is a little cheap in comparison to it. It is available in Budget around 50 to 70 K. This is not a huge amount and it can be accessible to more people which currently means that it has a great potential than O-LED panels. Recently OnePlus also said that they will also bring their TV with Q- LED panels.

In Future O-LED is there but in present only Q-LED is better.

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