" OnePlus is the first company to provide Android 10 update on the release date. "

Recently OnePlus said that on September 3 when Android 10 will be launched by Google. They will provide an Android update to the OnePlus 7 series on the same day with Pixel devices. If OnePlus can do it why other SmartPhone makers can't do it. Let's find it out below.

* OnePlus can do it why other Smartphone makers can't do it. *

We all know that only two Operating systems exist in the market that is Android and IOS. Android is the most loved and 75% of Smartphone comes with Android and only 25% of Smartphone comes with IOS. Most people prefer Android over IOS because it is more user-friendly and it is open source which means more SmartPhone makers can implement this. The report suggests that more than 1.3 Billion devices run Android.

But the major problem is with Android distribution because there are a lot of OEM manufacturers and they also run on custom skin. This means that there is Stock Android inside but besides that, there are a lot of features and their own custom UI that a layer of Mobile manufactures over Android in software terms.

There is a small no of Mobile Manufacturer which use stock android which uses it they provide updates early because they don't have to customize it. But which uses Custom Skin they have to do a lot of things which in turn delayed Android updates.

To solve this problem Google suggested manufactures to implement phones with Android One which is a program that says that they will use Stock Android and mainly software is from Google and hardware is from the company. The company can put some features but cannot Customize OS to a large extent.

But this doesn't implement to a large extent and most Smartphone Manufacture prefer to go with Custom Skin over Android one because they can show ads and install bloatware on phone in order to earn more money. But after Nokia entering this market with Android, this has changed a lot because their phone comes with great specification and Android one on top of it.

To counter that other company also is bringing the phone with Android one. If more and more phone comes with the Android one there will be easy to provide security patches and Android updates easily because no custom skin is required.

Then Google announced Project Treble with Android 8.0 oreo which means you can use System Generic Image or download other ROMs that support project Treble. But many people don't feel safe to install Custom ROM on their devices and think that their data may get lost.

Now come to the main aspect that OnePlus is providing Android 10 update with pixel devices. It is the first company to do so. But this will impact a lot other because they will also think that OnePlus is doing it then we can also do it. Because OnePlus OS named Oxygen OS is mainly pure stock vanilla Android and some needed features.

If OnePlus does it then it will be an indication that Google is not only the first company to provide Android but it is the company that provides Android. If all the company can do it then it will be great because more and more people can use newer Android and latest security patches provided by Google.

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