" OnePlus to enter into Smart( TV ) segment could it possibly be Flagship Killer of TV. "

About OnePlus Tv.

We all know how OnePlus have changed the premium mobile segment and Flagship Killer and recent news is that OnePlus is going to enter into the TV segment and chance is there that it could be possibly the Flagship killer of TV and the great news is that OnePlus TV will first launch in India and in other countries like China and USA.

* How it can be Flagship Killer of TV Let's find it out. *

It can be the Flagship Killer of TV by what great specs does it delivers and what aspects does it bring. According to Report from sources suggest that OnePlus is going to launch its TV which is named OnePlus TV and having a simple and minimalist design with Aluminum stand at the bottom to support it. It is said to be launch in September as notify me page goes on Amazon suggest that chances are that it will be launched across 25-28 years.

As from teaser on Amazon confirms that OnePlus is moving towards simple and good looking design. Which is quite similar to other TV manufacturers like SONY, Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi. The first hint OnePlus gives that they are going to launch its TV after the launch of OnePlus 6T and they have set a competition to name their TV and after that, all went in a cold bag. But now OnePlus officially confirms that they are bringing their OnePlus TV soon.

This all started when a leak comes out of Bluetooth certification of it which include model no of 43Q2IN last two words mean India and will support Bluetooth 5.0 and it will come on various sizes which include 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches. Whereas leak suggests 43 and 55 inches will only launch in India whereas 65 and 75 inches will be launched in the USA and China. Because major purchases are up to 55 inches as there is not much space available in India.

As OnePlus CEO Pete Lao says that OnePlus TV will be of simple design but as a Smart TV and you can use as a Smart Home Hub. Which means you can control your devices that are connected to IoT like Smart speakers, light and camera with our voice. Let us see How does this work with other devices.

Now on OS part chances are that they can customize Android OS and brings but Google allows only when you have a large base which is not possible. Because it is not possible that they will not customize it chances are they can bring with Android OS as Samsung brings with Tizen os, Sony bring with Android OS. If it comes with Android OS which means that Apps and Software support is directly from Google which means security as well as feature-rich content.

Now TV will come with 4K display on top of it will come with HDR 10 or HDR 10+ Display. I had already explained what HDR is and it will support Dolby Atmos and the main highlight of is that it will support the best picture and sound quality. We will see how it stand against the competitor like Samsung, LG, and SONY. The main logo is to provide Flagship thing at half price of a flagship.

The report suggests that to save cost and made available to all people in 43 inches they can opt LED display and in 55 inches and above it can opt for Q-LED and rumor about pricing is that 43 inches will be around 30-40K and 55 inches in between 45-50K.

OnePlus has a lot of partnerships with OTT providers like Netflix, Hotstar, Sony Liv and many others. Which means you will get pre-installed on it and TV will support Amazon Alexa which means Google Assistant will also be there and if it is launching on Amazon it means Amazon Prime Video will also be there.

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