" OnePlus Zen mode is finally available on the Google Play store. "

One of many useful features that debuted from Oxygen OS 9.5 with OnePlus 7 was Zen mode which is basically a similar model of Digital Wellbeing but with some other modifications. It helps to be productive and doesn't stare at our computer screen and focus on other things.

* It is finally available on Google Play store but not working for all devices. *

OnePlus Digital Wellbeing Zen mode which is one of the best features of OnePlus is not rolling out to Google Play store which OnePlus is saying that they are working on it and would be rolling out to their older devices then this is a clear indication that after some time it will be available in OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T and finally OnePlus 5 and 5T. It is up to OnePlus at what time they provide to their devices.

Now, what features does it brings is that if you have turned on Zen mode and you can't cancel it or the Zen mode can't be off it will be off about a certain course of time which you set, which helps you to be more productive and focused and rather wasting time on other things. If Zen mode is on you can't access non-essential apps and you can only access important apps like Camera messaging and phone.

It has four different modes like 20 min, 30 min, 40 min and lastly 60 min and it also has a feature like a suggested reminder which reminds you to take a break for the day. Those who are looking to cut downtime with the smartphone and it could be the right choice and killer to Google Digital Wellbeing.

OnePlus launched a Standalone Zen mode on Google Play store which is only compatible with OnePlus 7 and 7 pros. It is doesn't compete with Third-party apps and it is available on Android doesn't mean that it will run on your device. You have to wait for some time to work on your phone.

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