" Qualcomm Snapdragon vs MediaTek (processors or Soc) which one is still better in 2019? "

In Smartphone necessary component is processor or popularly known as System on chip (Soc) and mainly two companies is there Qualcomm or MediaTek. In recent years processors have evolved a lot and we have made progress from 21 nanometer to now 7 Nanometer. In this blog we will find out which processor is best in 2019 and we will discuss in detail.

* Qualcomm Snapdragon vs MediaTek which one is better, Take a closer look. "

In Smartphone essential component is Processor or (Soc) System on a chip and in that segment mainly two companies is there Qualcomm and MediaTek , there are also other companies like Exynos from Samsung but Exynos doesn't have a large market share and in all 90% of all mobile purchases mainly Processor is from Qualcomm or MediaTek globally but in India there is a lot whole other story here Qualcomm is more preferable in comparison to MediaTek.

In India people prefer Qualcomm over MediaTek because MediaTek has gained a bad reputation because of it's older processors coming with so much problems that they are not providing smooth experience and often gets too hot and no much wider support for Custom ROM in comparison to Qualcomm ones. In India Qualcomm has gained a more good reputation because of providing good processors and this is the reason that people prefer Qualcomm over MediaTek.

But things are changed and MediaTek also realized to gain popularity in India they have to bring good Processors so people can rely on them and all good things come in favour of MediaTek from 2018 when they launched it's Processor Helio P-60 which come with Realme 1 and suddenly get a hit because of it's more good design and older problems were removed and this Soc doesn't get too much hot and it delivers great performance and it's next version MediaTek Helio P-70 came with Realme U1 and it was the best budget process at that time and provide great performance and much more enhanced gaming performance.

MediaTek is working on another stragety that not to compete with Qualcomm with their Flagship processor but to compete with Budget and Mid-Range and they have done it and they are bringing good Processors and at great cost. Currently example is of Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 and 730-G that is Mid-Range gaming processor and it comes at such a high cost and it is placed above 20,000 Rs and in some Samsung phones it comes with rate around 50,000 Rs.

Now about to counter Snapdragon MediaTek announced its Budget Gaming Processor G-90 and G-90 T and it is coming with Redmi Note 8 Pro and if it is coming with Redmi Note 8 pro then chances are companies would prefer it and should think why Qualcomm? Because major phones in India selling are Redmi Note lineup and it is cheaper than Qualcomm 730-G and in many areas it is better than Qualcomm with enhanced Graphics, more Performance and efficient Battery optimisation.

Now war is for 5G and both companies are working on it, While Qualcomm has it's 5G modem but it has to be implemented externally and it currently supports Flagship Smartphone. But MediaTek is focusing on developing 5G modem with integrated processor and focusing on Budget and Mid-Range market.

In my views both are doing well but it is in the future what company does great and good processors at low cost.

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