" Top 10 smartphones in the year 2019 and the result are truly shocking. "

" Top 10 smartphones in the year 2019 and the result are truly shocking. "

In this blog, we will discuss the Top 10 Smartphone in the year 2019 and the result you will get is truly shocking. This report is not in sales no of smartphones in India and the report is done by the Sales no of Smartphone globally.

" Top 10 Smartphones of the year 2019. *

10. Samsung Galaxy A30

The 10th best selling smartphone in the world is Samsung Galaxy A30 and south korean giant has said to sell its 9.2 millions unit globally and main reason for it's sale is that it packs decent features and brings AMOLED Display and comes around 15,000 Rs and it's sale is not only in India and in some emerging countries because of it's price and it's brand name.

9. IPhone XS Max

IPhone XS Max is said to be most expensive Smartphone in the world and it's sales world wide is around 9.6 millions and mostly it's major sales are from North America or commonly say USA because people prefer more Flagship Smartphone there and suprising thing is that it leaves IPhone XS in this list and there is no entry in it. But it's sale in India and other countries are not good because mainly for price.

8. OPPO A5

You don't except Oppo to be here and even you don't have hear the name of this phone and it comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 and some decent specs and it has a price of about 10,000 Rs and major sales are offline and due to Oppo heavy branding they have sell 9.7 millions unit. The phone major sales are from India and other emerging markets.

7. Samsung Galaxy J2 core

Samsung Second phone on the list is Galaxy J2 core which is a budget phone and comes around 6,000 Rs and people those are buying Smartphone for first time prefer to Samsung and it's brand value has done a lot things and mainly focused on people having low budget and the sale of J2 core globally is around 9.9 millions unit.

6. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is the sixth best selling Smartphone with around 10 millions unit shipped and because of great specs, look and design it brings in 10,000 Rs and major sales are from China and India then to Indonesia, Middle East and finally Europe and it is most selling Smartphone in India also.

5. Xiaomi Redmi 6A

It is the most trusted and loved Smartphone at budget less than 8,000 Rs and in many ways it provide specs better than it's Competitors and it is one of the best selling Smartphone in Entry level with total sales more than 10 million units.

4. Apple IPhone 8

It was the phone launched in 2017 and still most purchased one because of Apple brand and people prefer to have small phone than Large ones and it is seen that if the specs are good and size of IPhone is small then craze of it is more in people and it has sell 10.3 millions unit globally.

3. Samsung Galaxy A50

This phone from Samsung was to target online and offline market and it comes around 20,000 Rs with AMOLED Display, triple rear camera and good specs from Samsung and total sales of this Smartphone globally is aroun 12 milions unit.

2. Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung entry level Smartphone Galaxy A10 has total sales around 13.4 millions unit and people who want a phone but want big brand name so people prefer more it and due to brand name it has got more sales.

1. Apple IPhone XR

The No 1 best selling Smartphone in the world is Apple IPhone XR with total sales of about 26.4 millions unit and main reason for it was because people who can't afford IPhone XS they switch to XR because of low price and same specs.

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