* UFS vs EEMC Storage which one is better. *

In this technical world, we are all surrounded by Mobile Phones and we share a lot of data like pictures, videos, documents and a lot of other stuff. But we don't know what storage type comes with our device whether it is EEMC or UFS. I will give you a clear idea of which one is better. EEMC stands for Embedded Multimedia card and UFS stand for Universal Flash storage.

Specification of EEMC and UFS.

The concept of EEMC and UFS is same as storage types in Computer like HDD and SSD at the mobile level EEMC in mobile is like HDD and UFS in mobile is like SDD.EEMC storage type is old technology and has low read and write speed and whereas UFS is having high read and write speeds.

It works on the different concept that EEMC ( Embedded Multimedia card ) Storage type have Half-duplex mechanism which means that at one time it will read or at one time it will write and if suppose you copied 20 photos and after 10 photos copied you want to cancel you can't cancel in EEMC one it will be completed after 20 photos is copied.

It was first launched in 2011 with UFS version 1.0 and then in 2013 it's the second version come that is UFS 2.0 and 2016 UFS 2.1 come and currently, the latest is UFS 3.0. Which is said to be much fast and secure than other Storage types.

UFS ( Universal Flash Storage ) works on Full duplex mechanism like you can do two different things at the same time like read and write and suppose you want to copy 20 photos and after 10 photos are copied you realized that you realized that you don't need it and you can cancel at any time but this feature is not available in EEMC storage type.

Another important aspect is that in very high and low-temperature EEMC storage doesn't work properly or shut down but this is not with the case of UFS it works fine with very high and low temperature. Another thing is that about Command Q feature means that if you are copying something and whole data is in line you can't cancel it in EEMC ones and but you can cancel it in UFS one which is a great feature.

Now point towards security and UFS is much secure in comparison to EEMC ones because in UFS there is a secure folder which holds all critical information regarding your bank details, transactions and many more. I suppose some hacker got into our mobile which means that it is very difficult to extract it.

* Problems in both Storage types and which one is better. *

EEMC Storage is used in all mobile smartphones like Budget to MidRange and UFS is used in Flagship Smartphone. But the flagship processor like Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 also does not support UFS storage and in Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 we have seen that it has support for UFS storage.

The main problem is that the processors also don't support UFS storage and it is new technology and it is a little expensive and in recent times we will only see in Flagship and Upper MidRange Smartphone. As more and more processors support it it will be available in the Budget and Mid Range segment and the coming 2 to 3 years will be done.

The first phone to come with UFS 3.0 is Samsung Galaxy Fold but we all know what happens with Samsung Folding Smartphone and other companies to bring the phone with the UFS 3.0 is OnePlus 7 pro and results of read and write speeds you will be shocked to hear.

EEMC read speed is of 300 Mbps and UFS 1.0 is around 550 Mbps and UFS 2.0 is around 750 Mbps and UFS 3.0 present in OnePlus 7 pro is around 1.8 Gbps which is a great difference. Now write Speed of EEMC is around 100 Mbps and UFS 2.0 os around 150 Mbps and more latest UFS 3.0 os around 1800 Mbps which is more than in its previous versions.

Now all comes to Storage type if you have more powerful processors and large ram and other things but if your Storage Type is not good then you will not get faster read and write speeds.

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