" Want to know which is the most Innovative Tech Company. "

In this world to be different and most Innovative Tech company which means that they are trying to show they are most Innovative and they sometimes don't want to share with other companies and to protect it they form a patent. We will discuss in a brief about which is the most Innovative Tech company.

v" Want to know which is the most Innovative Tech Company. "

* Let's find out which is the most innovative company. "

1. DELL - 688 Patents

DELL basically has buisness of Laptops, Desktop and Workstations and DELL has also made major innovations in Computer by providing new Technology and always some thing new to it's users and holds total no of patent is about 688.

2. LG Display - 691 Patents

You may not have hear the name of LG Display and it holds a 691 patents and mainly it works with OLED Display panels and mainly LG Display is providing OLED Display to all it's customers and it is currently working on it and it is better and currently it is working on Foldable Display also.

3. Toshiba Memory Corporation - 700 Patents

Toshiba Memory Corporation is another segment from Toshiba and it currently works on Storage Devices like SD cards, Solid State Disk and other devices and they are also bringing a lot of innovations in it and currently holds around 700 patents.

4. Philips - 844 Patents

Philips it is the most important company in Home Appliances and more Smart Home devices and bringing a lot of innovations like in Electronics like bringing new trimmers and much more like it and also they are working on Internet on Things (IOT) and currently holds about 844 patents.

5. AT & T - 975 Patents

AT & T is telecom company and the largest telecom company in USA and in the world also which is currently Developing 5G Equipments and other cellular equipments and rumor is that now they are also working on 6G also and one thing i like to tell is that in the Bell laboraties the C programming language was developed and currently hold 975 patents.

6. Panasonic - 1,254 Patents

Panasonic is the Japanese electronic company and they also had a lot of buisness like Electronic consumers, Videography and also bringing a lot of innovation in Lithium ion battery and in Elon musk Tesla battery is from panasonic and currently holds 1,254 patents.

7. Ericsson - 1.354 Patents

You have heard the name of Ericsson that they have partnership with SONY but now that is broken and they are working on developing Telecommunication Equipment and also Cellular Equipment and also focusing on 5G Developments and currently holds 1,354 patents.

8. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd - 1,648 Patents

Huawei is one of the biggest supplier of Telecom Equipment and other Cellular Equipment and it is the company to hold most patent related to 5G and also Tower Equipment and they are also making innovation in processor and specially improving Kirin and also has speciallity in multi cameras implementation and currently holds 1,648 patents.

9. SONY Corporation - 1,688 Patents

We all know SONY for many reason like production of movies and making Smartphone camera sensor and got speciallity in mirrorless camera technology and rolling it fast and currently holds 1,688 patents.

10. Samsung Display - 1,954 Patents

Samsung Display is the company that provide a AMOLED Display for Smartphones and even in Apple Samsung Supplies it's AMOLED Display and implementing Foldable Display in it's Galaxy Fold and currently holds 1,954 patents.

11. Amazon - 2,035 Patents

Amazon now is not only E-Shopping company but also has different segments like Prime Video and now currently working on Cloud, AI and owns a space company Blue Origin and even they are developing Drone Delivery and currently holds 2,035 patents.

12. Google - 2,070 Patents

The one company that rule the internet is Google and also bringing something new in various segment like Search Engine to Self Driving car to it's Pixel devices and it's Pixel watches and currently holds 2,070 patents.

13. Apple - 2,160 Patents

Google rival Apple has brought a lot of great things and Apple is currently working on it's futuristic IPhones and Apple patent 3-4 Generation of it and more enhanced developing Apple watch and more developed Siri and currently holds 2,160 patents.

14. Qualcomm - 2,300 Patents

Qualcomm is the most trusted processor brand in thew world and chances are that the phone you are using currently working on Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset and the company holds 2,300 patents.

15. Microsoft - 2,353 Patents

Microsoft is currently working on Cloud, AI but their main buisness is Windows and other Software and always bringing something new and currently company holds 2,353 patent.

16. LG Electronics - 2,474 Patents

LG Is the company that is the best in TV and Electronics segment and also focus on now Smart home appliance and company holds 2,474 patents.

17. Intel Corporation - 2,735 Patents

If you are using a System chances are the chip in it is Intel and it is currrently bringing a lot of innovations in Micro Processors, Modem and cellular connectivity and company now has 2,735 patent.

18. Canon - 3,056 Patents

Canon is the company that brings a lot of innovations and improving Camera technology and it is the leader in DSLR market and also leader in Movie Camera and also in Photocopy machines and printers and currently holds 3,056 patent.

19. Samsung - 5,080 Patents

Samsung is the leader in Mobile industry and bringing a lot of innovations in Smartphone by bringing new camera sensor and more improved chip, RAM and the builder of world's tallest building was Samsung and company has 5,080 patents.

20. IBM - 9,100 Patents

IBM is the most innovative company and holds largest no of patent and that is 9,100 patent and it is the company which has given a lot of things like ATM, Floppy Disk and Database language SQL and also innovator of Barcode and even DeRAM.

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