" Want to Know Which SmartBand is best in the budget segment. "

In recent years one major segment is more improving as we excepted we are talking about the SmartBand segment. Which is now becoming more latest and in a few years. It will give a tough competition to the SmartWatch segment. Now people are preferring SmartBand over SmartWatch.

" Find out which Band is King in Budget Segment. "

When the product is in the Budget segment it means that you have to focus on a lot of aspects and what specs that does it packs and mainly pricing. We are talking about two SmartBand ( Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 ) and will find which one is better.

Let's start with the display both bands come with color AMOLED Display of screen resolution of 120x240 pixels. Which looks awesome and which is much more interesting than Black and white display. In addition, it brings a lot of watches faces which mean you can customize your band. My Band brings a ton of watch faces but Honor Brings only eight watch faces.

On the sensor side, Both Band comes with Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Heart rate sensor but Honor has new SPO2 sensor which detects blood pressure which is new in this segment and all features like Step tracking, workout, and Replies to calls and views notifications. On another side, Mi Band 4 brings all needed DND mode which is most needed.

Now the accuracy on both bands is not correct because you can fool it very easily it detects steps automatically. When even you are not walking or driving or doing something else it detects step automatically and heart rate and sleep analysis data is accurate and correct.

Build Quality of Mi Band 4 is good and silicone strap quality is good and flexible and the build quality of Honor Band 5 is not good and the strap looks like made of cheap quality rubber.

Now the battery in both bands are such as Mi B and 4 comes with 135 mAh and Honor Band 5 comes with smaller 100 mAh. While in battery section there is a major improvement in Mi Band 4 while Honor Band 5 comes with the same battery in Honor Band 4. While to charge Mi Band 4 it charges full band at 2 hrs and Honor Band 5 can charge fully at 1.5 hrs.

The most important thing I like in Honor Band 5 is that you don't have to take out capsule for charging while in Mi Band 4 you have to take out capsule for charging.

Ultimately all comes to price in this rate Honor Band 5 is little expensive at 2,599 Rs while Mi Band 4 is not launched in India but is expected to launch under 2000 Rs.

Which one is better Mi Band Vs Honor Band 5

" Which one is better and what should you buy. "

Both Bands are great value for money and one which I prefer is Mi Band 4 because of its aggressive pricing and comes with a lot of watch faces which is a new feature and it looks more stylish and premium and brings a bigger battery as the company claims that 20 days it will last on single full charge.

Honor Band 5 is also good but it looks old and is priced on a higher end.

Clearly, Mi Band 4 is a winner.

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