📱Want to reduce our Smartphone Addiction here is the way to reduce it just simply buy Boring Phone.

🕜 Smartphone Addiction is like normal nowadays but how to solve it...

Nowadays People are more becoming addicted to Smartphone & like it is normal people are using the phone more than 6-8 hours a day & are becoming Phone Zombies. The overuse of anything is bad if it is a smartphone also but there is a way to solve it by just simply switching to a phone named Boring Phone.

## Now what is Boring Phone and how it is different from other smartphones. ##

Boring Phone is not Boring it is just like a normal smartphone but the difference is in the interface & its ecosystem it just packs the basic features and nothing that will let you get distracted and get out of our focus area. It will also boost our productivity. It is New Zealand's start-up company whose aim is to move people more out of our phone and live our life. It can give you a lot of time that normally get wasted due to starting at our smartphone scrolling social media all the time or by playing games and give enough time to increase our productivity skills, read books, more with family and friends and will improve our focus.

Boring phone..

** Specification and other features of the Boring Phone which are present and absent in it. **

If we talk about the specs of the Boring Phone it is just the Mi A1 which is everyone favorite android one smartphone that has set the road to android one smartphone market. It comes with 5.59 inch IPS LCD Display of resolution of 1920x1080 pixels pair with 4 GB RAM + 32 GB Storage with 3750 mAh of battery with USB Type C port. Now the feature which it packs is that it includes only calling & messaging, you can play music, Camera & other useful tools. Now the feature which it doesn't pack is that it doesn't have email, browser, no social media apps supported and no app store. Benefits of Boring phone are-

  • Improved focus and you can perform more task with more concentration.

  • Enough time to do things you love and for our family and friends.

  • You can learn something new and can experience a lot of things.

I know no one is going to buy this if you want to increase our productivity skills and to increase our focus you can give a try. Let me know in comments if you are going to try it....

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