" War for first 5G Smartphone in India begins in Smartphone manufacturers. "

War for 5G begins in India.

Well knew there is a race set to launch the first 5G Smartphone in India and because it is a major market for companies because more than globally Smartphone sales is more than Indian market. Here we have seen a lot of influx of 5G Smartphone in 2019 and Folding Smartphone in next year. Mobile companies are preparing for launching first 5G Smartphone in India.

* What actually the companies are doing it to be the first Company to bring 5G Smartphone in India. "

Smartphone companies are doing great effort to bring the first 5G Smartphone in India because to acquire more market share and more customer to it. Companies like Oppo, Vivo, Realme and Xiaomi are trying hard to bring their first 5G Smartphone in India and currently OnePlus is going to launch soon. Qualcomm also is trying to make possible 5G phones soon by introducing pre installed 5G Modem in Snapdragon 6 and 7 series chipset very soon.

Currently Qualcomm has a 5G Modem but it has to be placed after processor and in Flagship level but has problem that you has to placed it externally but it is still available only in Flagship level and Qualcomm also says that their plan to 5G Capable Snapdragon 6 and 7 series at IFA 2019. Qualcomm also said that prototype has been shared with OEMs who are testing them. Realme is one of the partners and can't control the excitement and creating hype for Snapdragon 7 series phone with 5G connection.

" By adopting the Snapdragon 7 series ( Chipset ) that is one of the first mobile platform with integrated 5G, Realme clearly demonstrates it's Dare to Leap Capabilities. " Chinese tech giant in an official statement said that " Thanks to this chipset , the company further adds his 5G phone will feature Qualcomm's next gen AI engine and Elite gaming features.

While the company 5G plans was in news for recent time and Realme CEO Madhav Sheth recently said that they are trying to bring a future proof 5G phone with enhanced speeds and much more Gaming performance and Company is said to bring the phone in next year as early as soon and trying to bring new technology to India while India currently doesn't have any 5G rollout plans and testing is going on and Realme is first company to bring 5G technology in India.

Nokia also announced that they are going to bring their 5G commercial phone in 2020 and particularly in India. Other companies are also trying to bring their 5G phones early as soon as like HMD Global, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and our favourite Xiaomi. Currently news is that the Redmi K30 will also come with 5G. In 2020 it is interesting that how companies fight against each other to be the one who launches first 5G phones in India.

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