" What are different types of HDR standards and how this differs from normal SDR. "

There are lot of standard for HDR and first what is HDR ? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range which helps us to shoot pictures and videos in surrounding where is both dark and light by taking multiple shots and gives a clearer photo that has both details. Lets discuss in more detail below.

An HDR shot in which both surroundings are there.

What is HDR and what are standards of it.

HDR( High Dynamic Range) is used to give more realistic picture quality and more natural colours and more blacks and vibrant whites in a video it simply give you a awesome experience.

Let's take a example of Real life in which you want to take a awesome photo in which both surrounding comes like light and dark is present you will use HDR to get more natural, real life picture. I will explain how this process works the camera takes multiple shots with variable exposure in which it shots a photo with over exposure which is sun and another shot which is under exposure which is shadow and after post processing it delivers an awesome quality shot.

The different standards of HDR areas first with SDR ( Standard Dynamic Range) with 8 Bit color support which in turns means 256 shade in turns 1 crore 60 lakh color combinations.

Next one is HDR 10 which support 10 Bit color which in turns equal to 1024 color shade in turns 100 crore colour combinations.

Last one is more latest and less available because of its cost is Dolby Vision which support 12 Bit Color in turns equal to 4096 shades in turns equal to 68.7 BIllion color combinations.

" What Type of Devices Support Different HDR Standards. "

Now the first question arises is that phone camera also comes with HDR. How is this different from HDR from other devices because it is setting in camera to capture awesome photos and some phone also support videos content also and how any one can forget the HDR+ setting in Google Pixel devices which take awesome shots and some beautiful videos because of its special AI algorithms.

Mobile Phones like Pixel, OnePlus and some Samsung flagship support HDR 10 videos playback so you get immersive and awesome experience but you have to pay a lot for this and available to few rather than to all and is still not available in Budget or Midrange segment.

We all know HDR TV is now becoming so popular but how many of us know that what standard of HDR does our TV supports and it also gives True to life picture quality and in Budget segment it specially support HDR 10 it gives a 1000 nit of full brightness and it support 10 Bit color which in last give you a 1.07 Billion Color combinations which result into better picture quality, more realistic and natural colors with depper blacks and vibrant whites.

But problem is that HDR 10 runs on static meta data which sets the brightness level constant so you can suffer some noice and not pure viewing experience however solution is of its advanced version of HDR10+ which runs on dynamic meta data which will set automatically the brightness according to every scene so you don't suffer any inconvenience.

Most advanced version is of Dolby Vision which gives up full brightness of 10,000 nits which is lot more than needed hope we will need in future. which support 12 Bit color combination in last 68.7 Billion Colour which will make you feel ultra realistic and more natural colors.

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