" What will be the future of the Indian Smartphone market. "

The Indian Smartphone market is the most big after China and it is the only Smartphone market which is flourishing and currently major sales are in Indian Smartphone market than Global. We will talk in brief what will be the future of Indian Smartphone Market.

* what will be the future of the Indian Smartphone Market. "

In India major key players are five companies which includes Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Realme and finally Xiaomi and each has the chance to be the king of Indian Smartphone market and currently Xiaomi is the No 1 Smartphone brand in India. We will discuss in detail about every brand and at last the conclusion.

5. Realme

Realme is said to be the next Xiaomi because it is bringing the Great specs at low cost just like Xiaomi did and Realme currently owns about 7.7% of market share and its year on year ratio is 602% which is more than excepted and it is bringing something always new like Quad camera, 48 MP and the newer 64 MP camera and its all phone are updated to latest Android 9.0 Pie which increases their fan base.

Realme is making it's priority in India and all phones are launched first in India and then in China and Global market except the Realme X. Realme is performing very well in India and chances are there that it can gain more market share in India.

4. Oppo

Oppo is the company that has make a lot of impact in offline market due to heavy advertisement and spending lots of money on TV and even sponsoring lot of games. Oppo is also taking major part of offline sales and famous selling phones of Oppo is F11 and A series is the most loved and selling good in offline market and currently Oppo teased Reno as its Innovative and future packed Smartphone but it doesn't get good repsonse.

Oppo currently hold 9.7% market share and it is the most loved brand in offline segment.

3. Vivo

Vivo has increased his presence in Indian market and it has the same stragety as Oppo spending a lot of money on ads and sponsoring lot of games. Vivo also uses Heavy marketing and its phone that are most loved in offline is Vivo V series which holds a strong position in that segment. Now Vivo has changed his Stragety in online also by launching its Z series and soon its U series is coming to counter Realme and Xiaomi.

Vivo currently owns around 15% of market share in India and its year on year performance is around 31%.

2. Samsung

South korean giant Samsung has also strong presence in Indian market and in past Samsung was not performing good but Samsung has realized that and has made improvements like launching its M series which was targeted for online users and revamped its A series which has range around 10,000 Rs to 50,000 Rs. Samsung is performing good and chance is that it could replace Xiaomi for the No 1 spot.

Currently Samsung owns about 25.3% market share and in previous years it was 23.2% which is a improvement that means Samsung is also growing in India and making more new customers.

1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi remains the No 1 Smartphone brand in India for consecutive 7 Quarters which means that trust on Xiaomi is increasing and people is more loving Mi and major sales for Xiaomi is Redmi Note 7 series and Redmi note 7 pro is the most selling Smartphone and then after Note 7s , Note 7, Redmi 6A and Redmi Go. All these Smartphone are the most selling Smartphone from the year 2019.

Xiaomi currently owns about 28.3% of market share in previous years it was 29%. Suprising the percentage is drop but the Xiaomi is still leading the market.


Indian Smartphone market is the biggest market because Globally the Smartphones sales are declining and chances are in between Samsung, Realme and Xiaomi it is upto one who provides the best quality product and can be the king of Indian Smartphone market and currently the hot selling market is about 10,000 to 20,000 Rs and the competition is most in that segment.

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