" Why Android one or Stock Android is failing in comparison to Custom Skin or UI. "

Android one or Stock Android which is a clean, snappy and fluid UI and major feature is that it brings a clean UI, No Bloatware and Ad free experience. But in recent times report suggest that Android one or Stock Android has been less popular in comparison to Custom UI. We will find it out what is the reason for falling of Android One popularity.

* Reason for falling popularity of Stock Android or Android one in comparison to Custom skin or Custom UI. *

Stock Android or Android one is one of the best in giving an Ad free, Bloatware and fast and snappy experience. But Stock Android is losing popularity in comparison to Custom Skin or Custom UI. While Stock Android has some great features like Regular Android updates and essential security patch release and available to all devices running on Stock Android while in Custom Skin it gets delayed often due to heavy layer of customization on pure Stock Android.

Currently in market major Operating System is Color OS which is used by Oppo and Realme, Fun touch OS which is more IOS like but in Android format and it is used by Vivo and India's most used Custom OS is currently MIUI from Xiaomi is being leading and it is said that it hold's about 29 % of India's Smartphone market share which is more for any company to gain and we all love and hate MIUI for its great features and for it's ads. Samsung uses it's One UI and many companies use one or another but not Stock Android.

Why most companies do not promote Stock Android because of Brand loyality which means that if you are curently using Samsung and in it uses One UI and you are comfortable with it and know it what thing is there and what place and in upcoming 2 years chance are that you will upgrade with Samsung Phone because you are more familiar with it and if you take a decision that you will buy Xiaomi it's UI is MIUI and chance are that you may encounter a lot of problems because it is all new and you maybe not familiar with it and in Samsung you know where options is.

Other reason is that people prefer Custom Skin over Stock Android because it brings additional features which are not present in Stock Android and people those who are not Tech enthusiast will not to do install apps in Stock Android to run same features but they prefer it that they are getting in Custom Skin and so they go with it. But in Stock Android you get a good and fast UI and faster updates but people prefer Custom Skin.

But Some companies adopted a policy that they will give Stock Android with features what you need and the company to do is OnePlus and they have a Stock Android looking UI and some features that people need and that are not present in Stock Android and their Operating System is known as Oxygen OS and it gained a lot of popularity and now it is loved even by Tech Enthusiast prefer Oxygen OS even over Stock Android.

Only a small no of phones come with Stock Android and only few companies is doing so like in Nokia, Motorola and Xiaomi A series. Xiaomi when launched Mi A1 it was a run test but it come with great specs and clean looking UI and it was a fast hit and it has even hit it's Note series and Xiaomi realized that and they haved killed the Mi A series by proving low Specification and not even good performance and they also know only if people who loved Stock Android they will only buy this.

Companies also not is much intersted in Stock Android because in this they can't modify the Android and can't add ads and specially bloatware so they can earn more revenue so they prefer into Custom Skin because in this they can earn more revenue.

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