" Why USB Type C can't be universal for all smartphones."

" What is USB and uses of USB are ? "

First of all, we should know what USB is and full form of it is ( Universal Serial Buzz ) and from how many years we are using it is a great invention thank you to who invented it. Which is a powerful tool which let you share information from one device to another. Now my question is that which USB version does OnePlus 2 comes with if you know the answer let us know and we will give a 50 Rs Paytm Voucher.

* Let's talk in more detail about USB and what feature USB Type C packs. *

General information about USB.

There is a lot of USB such as A, B, C. USB A contains pen drive and ports of laptops and computers and the USB B port contains printers and most popular Micro USB B which is a charger pin for your phone, audio player and USB C contains reversible connectors and large no of pins which can be used as a universal connector.

There are various versions of USB which include 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1-second generation and speeds are as 2 MB/ Per second, 480 MB/ Per second, 5 GB/ Per second, 10 GB/ per second.

One thing you should know if your phone comes with USB Type C it doesn't guarantee that it will give higher data speeds and fast charging and USB C come in three versions 2.0, 3.0, 3.1- second generation. If your phone comes with USB C of 2.0 doesn't mean that it will transfer data at the speed of 10 GB/ per second and fast charging and also check which version it comes with.

USB Type C Port has the most important feature that it uses power to transfer information to other devices such as a minimum of 3 Mbps and power of 60 watts and a maximum of 10 Gbps and can carry up to 100 watts. Which is fairly fast enough and helps in fast charging and much faster data transfer.

" Why USB Type C port can't be universal now and how to solve this problem. "

The main problem that USB Type C Port can't be universal now because have to give loyalty to USB implementers for their devices so the companies want to cut cost and make their phone cheap they don't include this port and they are only including it in the flagship and upper Mid Range segment. The other reason is that if all Smartphone maker implemented USB C at the same time it will create a shortage of USB type C cable in the market and people will not get it so they are implementing slowly.

** USB Type C port Problems. **

The major problem is that people are not aware of the version of USB Type C so they thought it will charge their phone doesn't mean that it will charge other devices because of the power output of both devices are different chances are it can damage our devices.

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