" World's fastest charging power bank is finally available and it comes with Graphene technology. "

The great news is that the World's fastest charging power bank is finally out and it has awesome charging speeds and it comes with Graphene technology. This lets us know how much fast Graphene battery will be and it fully charges in about 18 minutes which is insane. In this, we will know the technology under it and i am so much interested.

* World's fastest charging power bank and technology under it. "

The world's fastest charging power bank is Appolo traveler it is developed by a company named Elecjet and the great thing about it is that it can fully charge a power bank in about 18 minutes as the company claims and mainly in this 2 things are interesting that it charges super fast or insane fast and it brings all-new technology under it.

It has 5000 mAh battery and it comes with all new 60 watt USB C PD or popularly known as power delivery. The power bank has awesome charging speeds that it charges from 0 to 25 percent in 5 minutes and up to 50 percent in around 9 minutes and finally 100 percent in around 19 minutes. Which is one minute more than that company claims.

It is also different from a modern-day power bank that we get from Realme or Xiaomi which comes with around 10,000 mAh and charges fully in around up to 4 hours and that of Appolo that it charges 5000 mAh in 19 minutes and if it comes with 10,000 mAh it will charge fully in about 40 minutes. 40 minutes is less or 4 hours is more.

It comes with the all-new concept of Graphene that it is made from Graphene composite material and Graphene is even on the top of the lithium-ion battery which provides great features in comparison to its competitors like it has charging efficiency of 90 percent and it can handle 1500 charging cycles also but in its competition it only achieves charging efficiency of about 80 percent and only 500 charging cycles.

It has two ports one is USB Type C and one is USB A. USB C port comes with output PD which lets the output of about 45 watts,36 watts, 27 watts. Currently, only two phones support PD is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Google Pixel 3 but in testing the result was that Samsung Note 10 only supports PPS ( Programmable power supply )and the only Pixel 3 supports PD and it also charges insanely fast.

The USB A also has fast charging support of 15 watts and 18 watts and it also charges other devices well also.

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