" Xiaomi and Realme are fighting for wireless Headphone segment. "

The two Chinese Giant Xiaomi and Realme are fighting for wireless earphones or the Headphone segment. We have seen that fierce competition in the Smartphone market between Xiaomi and Realme and only two companies are more prominent in Budget Segment. Now the competition is in Wireless headphones or Earphones Segment.

* Realme Buds wireless vs Xiaomi Neckband Wireless which one is better, Let's find it out? "

Now Realme is trying to make its presence in Headphones segment and the competition to Realme is Xiaomi and because of Xiaomi, Realme has also faced a lot of problems when they entered in Smartphone market and now it is also a tough competition when they are making the presence in Wireless Headphones segment. In this blog, we will talk about the newly launched Realme Buds wireless and Xiaomi Neckband wireless and will find out which one is better.

Now about the specification of both products is like that we will first Discuss Realme and then Xiaomi and later conclusion to clear our doughts.

1. Realme Buds Wireless

Realme Buds Wireless is the new product from Realme and it comes with some great specs and first of all, it comes with Bright Orange and Black color which looks awesome and comes in Comfortable Neckband design and it has better build quality and because of it's quality of wire which is thick and it looks more good and offers Sturdy build.

Realme comes with IPX64 which is sweat proof and awesome. It has all famous magnetic controls which let you pair and unpair your earphones and has 3 buttons play, pause and the center button which let you take calls and even long pressing on volume button allow to activate Google Assistant. But sometimes is hard to locate the buttons without removing earphones.

The company also teased that their Wireless earphones are tuned by greatest artist named Alan walker but the sound quality it offers it has not good and the voice is not clear and sometimes voice also gets distorted at max volume when you are listening to EDM or some rock songs.

Now the company claims that it will last up 12 hours of battery life but in real life, it is around 10 hours which is awesome and is priced at around 1,799 Rs.

2. Xiaomi Neckband Wireless

Xiaomi is focusing to increase its presence in the wearables market and also it is making good Headphones and Earphones and now they also launched it's neckband Wireless which is in Grey color and it also has a same comfortable neckband design and also offers good design and decent build quality because of thin wire it comes, sometimes you may think it will break.

It doesn't have an IP rating but company says it is sweat proof and it comes with a simple design with no fancy magnetic controls and has simple functions buttons and it is easy to locate.

The sound quality is awesome and the high and low are good and don't get distorted at high volumes and offer great sound quality.

The company says the earphones come with 8 hours of battery life and in real life, it is around 6 hours which is also good and priced at 1,599 Rs.

In my choice, Xiaomi is the best because the major ascept in earphones is sound and it provides great quality sound and if you want some fancy features and all-new magnetic controls and decent sound Quality if you are no problem with sound Realme can be our choice.

Which one you should prefer Xiaomi and Realme, let me know in the comments below.

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