* Xiaomi currently working on four Smartphone with 108 Mega Pixels Really 4? *

In Recent times Smartphone war is shifting to more Mega Pixels and more and more camera MegaPixels are increasing and earlier it was all new 48 Mega Pixels now the race is on 64 Mega Pixels and future is on 108 Megapixels. The company that first bring 48 Mega Pixels camera into existence and world's first 64 Mega Pixels camera phone is Redmi Note 8 pro and now report from XDA suggest that Xiaomi is currently working on 108 Mega Pixels and it will be implemented in their four devices which will be split between Redmi and Mi.

" Is it Real that Xiaomi is working on four phones with 108 Mega Pixels. "

Now days 48 MegaPixels is an reality and current fight is between 64 MegaPixels and which phone has better 64 MegaPixels camera between two famous brands in India like Xiaomi and Realme. Xiaomi is the world's first company to bring 64 MegaPixels camera in their phone is Redmi Note 8 pro and in few times Realme is also going to launch its 64 MegaPixels camera phone Realme XT and it will be India's first 64 MegaPixels camera phone.

Currently Report from XDA Developers suggest that Xiaomi is working on four phones with 108 MegaPixels. Strange you will know to hear that Company generally work with single phone but it is Xiaomi it can do anything and if it is working with four phones with 108 MegaPixels camera we can mean that it is coming to Budget, Mid-Range and its Flagship Killer series and sensor is from Samsung its name is ISO CELL BRIGHT HMK sensor and it is just a fraction of time we are going to see lot of changes is going to come in Mobile Industry.

/ Code names of four names are Tucana, Draco, Umi and Cmi. /

Code name of this all four device suggest that Tucana, Draco, Umi and Cmi will come with 108 MegaPixels camera and earlier reports by XDA Developers at time when Xiaomi is working with two pop-up camera and that phone was Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 pro and clearly there is no current detail is not available that which phone is that and but one thing is clear that it would not be Mi Mix 4 because its Development is been tracked by XDA Developers and they have said that it is not coming with 108 MegaPixel camera.

Currently implementing 108 MegaPixels camera is not enough because if you implement it because file size of that image will be large enough and the storage of phone will easily get filled up and generally size of photo by 108 MegaPixels is around 20 to 30 Mb which is quite large and that is the problem of implementing it and that not is only major problem about gallery app you have to make gallery app that can handle and process large amount of data when photos is in large no and it generally takes 3 to 5 min to load photos caught by 48 MegaPixels camera.

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