" Xiaomi has Killed it's A series by doing it sharply with Mi A3. "

Mi A3 is killed by Xiaomi Find it out How?

Xiaomi also realized that how much potential does this A series SmartPhone contain and especially when they launched Mi A1. It was still best and now is still the best Android one smartphone in the market because of its best hardware and clean and ad-free and no bloatware user experience and most important pure stock vanilla Android.

At that time it was said that it was best to phone that year and it had hit hard to Redmi Note 4 sales and more people choose Android one rather than MIUI. Then Xiaomi sharply killed it's A series. A recent example is Mi A3.

* How it's A-series gained so popularity against it's another Smartphone. *

Now the most important thing is that when I will be saying A series it will mean Android one Smartphone. How it gained so popularity it is because when First Android one smartphone came from Xiaomi Mi A1 was with pure stock vanilla Android means no ad and bloat-free apps and with great specs at that time.

It was the first phone at that time that brings Portrait mode at this segment. Because of no Android updates from the company was not given so people were stuck at an older version. So people thought of buying Android one smartphone which means 2 years of Android updates and regular security patches which was not given regularly by other companies.

As many reports said that Mi A1 has killed the sales of Redmi Note 4 and finally people had a choice of buying Android one rather than Custom Skin. It was the first smartphone to bring a lot of new features at that time which was not possible in the Mid-Range segment like Portrait Mode, Telescopic lens means 2X optical zoom, and most important USB Type C which is now readily available in Budget and Mid- Range segments.

How Xiaomi Killed A series by adopting a whole different strategy let's find it out !

It was clear that people love more Android One rather than MIUI because of clean UI, No Bloatware, Pure stock Vanilla Android and great specs. The sales have indicated that Mi A1 was more purchased in comparison to Redmi Note 4. After that event, they even had put a poll on twitter that what they want Android one or MIUI then the results came shocking was 70 % want Android one and 29% want MIUI and after some time, they have deleted that poll.

It was clear that A series was a tough competition to Note series so they adopted a different strategy as they were silently killing A series after Mi A1 was launched. In Mi A2 they removed a headphone jack which is not even still removed from Redmi Note lineup they didn't drop the jack and battery was small and no major change in design. This was done so that more people move towards Note lineup. Some reports even suggest that they occasionally placed bugs in their software updates and decreased system performance.

Now with Mi A3 the way that Xiaomi is adopting is that it suggests that they have placed A series below Note series so there is no direct competition between its Note series and A series. Now A series will compete with its new rival Realme 5 ones. Well played Xiaomi. The phone is good and specs that provide at this cost is more value for money but it has not fulfilled a standard that Mi A1 sets. Not even Mi A2 has not stood up on that standard.

The phone packs an AMOLED HD+ Display which is a downgrade over Mi A2 which comes with FHD+ Display and finally, they had added a headphone jack and 4045 mAh battery and the phone supports 18-watt fast charging but the charger comes out of the box with USB Type C port and normal charger. But massive improvement is in storage type it comes with UFS 2.1 instead of EEMC one whereas UFS 2.1 is fast than EEMC. Which means fast read and write speeds.

It comes with the latest In-Display Fingerprint sensor. The main thing I am disappointed in that the processor part it comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 but it should come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 or it should come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 712. Snapdragon 665 performance is weaker in comparison to Snapdragon 675. Which means that Redmi Note 7 pro is faster than Mi A3.

Now all come to price is that the base version of Mi A3 is around 14000 Rs and the higher end is around 17000 Rs. At that price, it is a good phone but if you want pure stock vanilla Android experience or you are a normal user you should definitely buy this phone or if you want more out of this phone then you should go for other phones because it will not deliver that that performance what you want.

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