!!Xiaomi working on future tech with Full-Screen Smartphone with integrated solar panel.!!

** Future tech is coming & it can be a reality. **

Xiaomi has recently patented a full-screen smartphone with integrated solar panel at back. No one can except this happens in this time. It is a tech of the future and it can be a reality if all good

things happen. The patent is done on (World Intellectual Property Office ) WIPO. This is amazing that everyone is shocked & amazed at what you can charge your phone with a solar panel.

"Specification about Xiaomi New Smartphone Patent and features of it."

Xiaomi is said to be currently working on a full-screen smartphone with a solar panel attached to back. This Phone is surely going to change the design & usage of smartphones. It is surely gone to change the way you use the phone.

At Current time the specification of the phone is not currently leaked but the news is that it will increase the usage of our phone how we use it now & it will drastically change the way you use it. It is a miracle to you.

In the patent's page, it is clearly revealed that it is a full-screen smartphone with no notch, no physical fingerprint sensor & solar panel attached to the back.

In this Smartphone, we don't see any selfie camera we can assume that Xiaomi new technology of under-display selfie camera which is new but it comprises the quality that the camera sensor gives. There is no physical fingerprint sensor on the back which means that it will come with new In-Display fingerprint sensor which is common this year.

Xiaomi New patent of a smartphone with an integrated solar panel at back.

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